Human beings have a right to consume inspected products .this inspection process should be done by special organizations and set apart. It has been responsible for reducing contamination from salmonella and camphylobacter (disease causing organisms, like pathogens) in poultry products. This is done by tightening the existing health standards and reducing contamination of salmonera in poultry carcases, they do this by developing a plan such as developing new enforcement strategies to reduce salmonella.

Harmful bacteria can come from animals and spread various diseases in human beings through various ways like, not maintaining high levels of cleanliness in slaughter houses and having unsafe food handling practices like not washing hands after visiting the toilets. All these unhealthy practices allow bacteria to spread from meat to the consumer

GAO is an American government, General Accountability Office and it seeks to have one federal food safety agency so as to reduce inconsistent oversight, ineffective coordination and inefficient use of resources. However this is not the case there are so many inspection agencies that even allow contaminated foods to get into the hands of the consumers due to lack of good measurement devices.

GAO’s objectives are to describe what the USDA is doing to reduce the spread of salmonella in poultry products, assess the effects of it on humans and to determine the challenges faced by USDA when carrying out this process, due to this GAO recommends that USDA develops measures for these pathogens in poultry, and all practice be done with all accuracy.

Challenges faced

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has clearly stated that most of the Americans die due to food borne illnesses each year, many are also hospitalized and others are sickened. The food and drug acts (FDA) is faced by challenges such as high costs of inspection which include medical services, deaths and disability.

Most of the US food supply is imported so there lacks earlier proper kept measures and rules following such foods. So many consumers like eating a lot of raw foods which have not passed through any processing so the chances of inspection are minimal. Some people are already suffering from food borne diseases which discourages every other person from having their foods processed and inspected. The food acts are grossly underfunded so this does not allow them to give accurate services to the general public while some of the products may pass uninspected. Pathogen testing is also not done before shipping and so there is a need to have these tests being done before shipping any good in the country. The food safety and quality system (FSQS) provides a thorough evaluation of facilities that manufacturer process package or hold food products.


The government has set some policies that should be practiced by everyone who is handling food such as food should always be prepared under special sanitary conditions that do not allow it to be contaminated and all employees who are working in food industries should be provided with necessary tools, clothes and all protective clothing to avoid contaminating food. They should comply with all the set apart policies and procedures that should be followed in a food industry. All companies and agencies that have been given the role of inspecting the food in the country should do so at the appropriate time and do it without any corruption to avoid losing lives .All the set standards should be reached so as to have a contamination free environment. All employees should be inspected so that they do not pass any infection to the foods they are preparing. The suppliers and contractors should also maintain high standards of cleanliness so that no germs are passed from the manufacturers to the consumers.

If a company is dealing with food then it must make sure that the food is safe to eat by not adding anything that is harmful to the products, making sure that the food is the same quality as the company says it is. Labeling should be done well so that it does not mislead people, records should be kept so that in case they are requested by the ministry of food production they can be accessed. All unsafe food should be withdrawn from the shelves and thrown away. All food additives used should be well indicated and approved by the ministry of health.

Some organizations like Monsanto patent most of the seeds produced by certain companies, this also enhances food safety since this patent does the work of making sure that the workers are paid for these products and all investments put up while developing them. Innovation is also encouraged since they have money to do so. When any customer buys seeds from this company they sign an agreement that they will not replant those seeds, which makes sure that no diseases are passed to the consumer since they will plant well prepared seeds again. Alot of research is usually done from these seeds and so they produce the best products.

Reasons against inspection

However good inspection may seem to the public, it is sometimes not being done at all by some communities due to some religious, cultural or other believes. Some communities believe that every meat is fit for human consumption and does not need to be inspected.

Corruption is also a leading factor since some officials responsible for inspecting imported products are given some money to give permission for an illegal product to be taken to another country, which leads to many deaths of the people due to bacteria.

Lack of enough finances to carry out the tests is enough reason not to do the tests since the testing equipments require much money to purchase.

Political interferences are ruining some sectors for inspection since they employ their people who do not know the work and they even end up giving wrong results.

So many emerging inspection companies are difficult to be monitored by the regulatory authorities thus they even don’t pass well inspected products since they are not being accessed.

Lack of enough finances to pay so that a certain product can be inspected especially meat is a barrier that makes people to eat meat that is not inspected and contaminated that even leads to deaths.

Some people lack the knowledge that food especially meat should be inspected by a health officer before eating and so when they eat poisoned meat products they get sick or even die.