Athanasius was the bishop of Alexandria who lived approximately 150 years ago. He became famous for publishing the Arians of the fourth century. Their sclerosis of theology and the church deficiencies were denounced so that Arians could change their ways in the fourth century. Athanasius was presented to act as a savior of the church and as a promoter of theological truth.

Alexandria believes that Athanasius would be used to explain incarnation of the word. Incarnation would explain why and how God’s word came in flesh. The reasons for its coming. What was achieved through the coming of the word and the connection created by Jesus through his incarnation?

Athanasius’ Argument on How and Why the Word of God Came in the Flesh.

Athanasius argues that the word became flesh because the son of God became incarnate of the Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit and was made man. He came down from heaven for men and for their salvation. Athanasius derives this argument from the Nicene Creed.


The word became flesh to reconcile human beings with God and save them because God loved human kind. The only way to get man back to him was to send his only son Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ would mend their relationship and take away their sins through his death. Athanasius explains that human nature demanded healing, to be raised up from their fallen states, to be risen up from death, to gain back the goods that had been stolen from them and to be brought to light from darkness. The captives and were waiting for a savior who would rescue them, slaves waited for a liberator who would flee them.


God wanted to demonstrate his love to humankind through making his word flesh. Human beings would understand God’s love in a better way through seeing Jesus Christ. This is derived from the Gospel of John. Through this verse, it is clear that God did not want to see human beings perish in sin but he wished that through the death of his son Jesus Christ, human beings would repent of their sins and be saved from perishing.


The word became flesh for us to emulate holiness from Jesus Christ. Athanasius explains this through Gods word, which states that Jesus is the way the truth and life and nobody goes to the father, but through Jesus. This explains that people have to follow the ways of Jesus to see God. Command from God on mountain of transfiguration, states that people should listen to Jesus since he is the role model in law and beatitudes. In the bible, God adds that human beings should love one another as He loves them. This is strengthened by the example of Jesus who offered him to be crucified on the cross without sin.

Divine nature of God

Through the word becoming flesh, human beings become partakers of his divine nature. This is the greatest reason as to why the word became flesh making the son of God man. Man through this process entered into communion with the word and received divine son ship and right to become a son of God. Reasons for the son of God becoming man were that human beings might become God. Jesus desired to make man partakers in the kingdom of God; this led to his birth by man so that he can make men to be gods.


Athanasius refers Incarnation as a mystery. It is the act of the word becoming flesh. Jesus the son of God assumed the nature of human beings to attain salvation of human beings through it. Jesus who lived in the form of God humbled himself to a point of not considering his position in the kingdom of God. He resembled a servant and agreed to be borne by men thus taking the form of human being. He displayed his humble nature even to his death on the cross. Jesus who explained that he offered himself since people’s sacrifices stresses this mystery and God did, not desire offerings such as burnt offering and sin offerings. God desired human beings who would do his will.


Through the word becoming flesh, human beings believe that Holy Spirit incarnated Jesus and this is the true sign of Christian faith. Through the incarnation of Jesus, human beings believe that every spirit that confesses Jesus Christ is from God. This brings a strong conviction to the church since they believe in Jesus Christ who was manifested in his flesh nature. This also explains that religion is a mystery.

Reality of God

The son of God is man because his human nature was assumed and was not absorbed. The church explained the reality of Christ through understanding his operations in many centuries. Jesus Christ used this to explain that he belongs to the son of God who assumed human nature. This brings a parallel fashion between word in creation and word in salvation.

It explains that word in God was present since creation time and it was the same during death of Jesus Christ.

Forms of God

Through these three modes of expression, God, Jesus and Holy Spirit, human beings understand that God exists as son, father, and Holy Spirit through which human beings are made gods. This trinity expresses the three forms of God. Christ the son of God used his human hands to work, his human mind to think and his human will to think. Since he loved human hearts, he agreed to be borne by Virgin Mary who was a human being to make human beings like god through all things except sin.


The Word was there from the beginning, it was with God, and itself was God. God created human beings in his own image and breathed life into him. This strengthened the relationship between God and man such that he felt offended when man sinned against him at the Garden of Eden. As a result, the relationship between man and God was broken. Through the merciful nature of God, he sacrificed his only son to reconcile humankind back to him. This initiated incarnation of word through the Holy Spirit to Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ was born of human being to reveal the loving nature of God. Jesus Christ through resurrected the dead, set the captives free, resurrected the dead, acted as a role model to many who wished to resemble God. Through Jesus Christ, Christians understand the holy and divine nature of God. Christians   have faith in God and believe in the trinity nature of God. Incarnation also brought love and freedom to the oppressed and slaves. Christians also differentiate spirits that come from God and others.