Case Study: Epic Video “Ka-ching” Team

Epic Video is a new Australian company that has recently launched into the competitive online video streaming business, and the “Ka -ching” team are responsible for onboarding (signing up) new customers to their video streaming service.

The company is a new start-up with lots of interest from investors in Australia and the CEO and founder Nicola West has worked hard to establish a business in the new emerging online video streaming market. Her focus for the business is to grow the customer base and establish a self-sufficient business that can be competitive and deliver a delightful customer service.

As a Business Analyst, you and your team have been engaged to understand, analyse and describe/model the current customer onboarding system using modelling tools such as BPMN, ERD and Data Dictionary modelling, as well as listing assumptions and making recommendations for how to improve the current system in future.

Here is a transcript of a recent interview held with Nicola West:

“It’s been an ‘Epic’ journey over the past 12 months with lots of challenges facing our staff to setup our small start-up company and sell our online video streaming services.

Our main concern now is that currently it takes 25 calendar days on average to onboard customers (sign-up) from an initial enquiry via telephone registration, verification of their identity and payment details, and finally to deliver appropriate content to online and smart TV channels. Other service providers are onboarding customers within 5 to 8 calendar days and so we need to bring this time down in order to offer a comparative, if not better service than our competitors to our customers.

The way I see our business is that we provide on-demand entertainment with a growing catalogue of films and TV series that is convenient for our customers, delivering content that they want and when they want it.

Each new customer subscribes to our annual entertainment package which delivers HD video streaming for one device directly to our customers which is billed monthly. A customer can register and change their subscription at any time by calling us on our customer service desk and a member of our friendly “Ka-ching” team will help them through the registration process and create a new customer profile on our registration system.

During the registration process all conversations and customer history are recorded for quality purposes and each customer needs to confirm their understanding and consent of this for the organisation to comply with the internal privacy policy and adhere to the


Privacy Act 1988. If consent is not provided, then the service cannot be provided and we [Epic Video] must politely decline the request for connection.

Each customer registration needs to provide contact details such as name and address and 100 points of identity to ensure that they are over 18 years of age. Also, their address and payment details are verified through a third-party service provider before a subscription service can be set up. In addition, telephone authentication credentials are created for their profile which include a user name and PIN number. Viewing preferences can be selected in a list that is read out to the new customer by the “Ka-ching” team member to help set up their profile and provide appropriate viewing content and suggestions when they first start using the service.

The payment option available at the moment for new customers is via a credit card, which is verified separately offline with the card issuer, and a direct debit payment is setup.

Before a subscription is completed, a 12-month agreement contract with the details supplied from the registration process, payment authorisation and the service terms and conditions are automatically sent out to the customer via email, which then needs to be signed and returned to us within 21 calendar days via post or email to complete the registration process. Once we receive this, the “Fix-It” team can then set up the connection and welcome them to our online video streaming service and catalogue.

During the registration process (via telephone), there is also an option to “opt -in” to marketing and service notification communications, which are normally sent out via posted letters.

A follow up telephone call is made to the customer 14 calendar days after successful connection to ensure that the new customers know how to get in contact should they have any questions or are having difficulties using the service. If they do have difficulties, then an incident ticket is raised and passed on to the support team aka the “Fix-it” team and they will work to resolve the issue.

If you can analyse and model our current business processes in detail via your requirements analysis report, that will really help us understand our current system and any inefficiencies. We will appreciate your recommendations on how to move forward and improve our processes and system for our customers.”

Submission Report and Marking Scheme:

As a Business Analyst, your task is to describe Epic Video’s current customer onboarding system, which is facilitated by the “Ka-ching” team, by creating a Requirements Analysis Report. Based on the case study and the interview with Nicola West, you are required to:

(1) List assumptions to support your model and analysis
(2) Use modelling tools such as BPMN, ERD and Data Dictionary to analyse and model the current system, and
(3) Provide recommendations on how to improve the current system.