There are various living styles that a person can adopt to improve his health and later on increase his years on earth, because people who live healthy lives have less illnesses and less heart attacks. a health assessment is required so that a person can change his health status. Some of them are,


In my daily life am not so observant on diet but I drink lemons once in a while which have great improvement in my life. Mostly i consume high refined foods like packed foods in the morning which is contrally to the idea that people should consume a diet that is rich in fibre and cereals in the morning which will make sure that the whole day the blood sugar levels will be minimized. Taking a glass of lemon water in the morning helps the body to be energized throughout the day and helps remove the toxic products from the body helping the body stay healthy. I avoid taking supplements since whole foods contain most nutrients like,selenium,beta-carotene,and all vitamins that are needed by the body and these foods also helps a person to age better than the ones who take supplements. Fruit taking is also very important.


My daily life is involved with doing a lot of work during the day and walking for long distances combined with running. Everybody is supposed to exercise every day so that his body remains fit and some extra fats are removed, going for gyms and running exercises and also walking for long distances daily also helps people to have their body with no cholesterol which reduces heart diseases and increases the flow of blood in the body.

Avoid all drugs

In my daily life ,I strongly avoid all drugs because I believe that they have disastrous effects on a person like causing cancer, and alcohol causes liver diseases suppose that all illegal drugs should be avoided so all people should have a habit of living like the seventh day Adventist who never take alcohol, do not smoke cigarettes or bhang. example is Marijuana and others like miraa and tobacco use.

Risky behaviors

In my daily life I try to be as responsible as possible in sexual matters like not having sex with anyone, and avoid places like bars and night clubs which exposes a person to these behaviours because once the person is drunk he does not have good judgement.I recommend all people to avoid all risky behaviors. like having unprotected sex,should be avoided and incase of married people they should practice being faithful to each other or even using condoms to avoid spread of diseases like HIV AIDS.

Room for improvement

There is always a room for improvement in the way I live like living near people who are concerned about your health is very important since they will remind you on what health foods to take and time for exercise. To manage stress I will always seek for advice and even changing from doing what I was doing and breathing in for sometimes will also help me.

Working more and doing more exercises will help me in reducing cholesterol levels since more energy is being used this reducing disease like diabetes. Sticking to the new health habits that have been adopted can also help a person to live a better life since he will even have a time table on when to do some activities like going for exercises and what to eat at certain time.

Avoid night clubs will keep me away from alcohol. I will also take fruits to increase the level of vitamins in my blood.