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Why should you look for a person if we can do it instead?

Ordering an essay from a writing service means, that you rely on some abstract person, who probably knows something about academic papers. You pay money and expect him to be qualified enough to give you at least a decent piece so that you could hand it in and get a sure C or D. This is no way to act when you come here. Let us describe you an ordinary (not even the best!) writer of His main features are:

Be sure, that these features go in one set, which means every writer has ALL of them, not just several. A candidate goes through a very careful selection. The procedure itself is very complicated and time-consuming. Prospective writers complete series of tests and other assignments so that we could have a clue of their skill and expertise. They must be ready to prove their previous experience as well as show readiness to work in difficult conditions. Even if the candidate is approved, he does not become a full member of the team at once. It takes time and hard work to deserve it. So when you come to you should expect only A’s for your papers.