Geography final exam answers

Question 8

The following factors are among the leading ideas on how to provide development assistance;

Poverty reduction through focusing on social structures, infrastructure, social equality, agricultural production, and sustainability of the environment.

Good governance which ensures that the given development aid is spend in an effective manner.

Gender equality ensures that every person contributes towards social progress.

Trade-not aid which involves enabling developing countries to trade freely with developed countries.

Sustainable development which ensures that development is promoted in a way that does not cause harm the environment affecting future development.

Question 15

The six important global environmental issues faced by globalization are ecosystem degradation, global warming, threats to wildlife, ozone depletion, loss of biodiversity, and pollution.

Question 19

The three impacts of globalization on culture are one the diffusion of beliefs and values concerning broader issues. Second is the proliferation of the popular culture where people complain of the culture being the American culture. Third is the development of a new culture that includes of professionals that are globally connected.

Question 21

Nations export because, first, people as well as factories in a nation have been successful in selling goods and services to foreign nations at a higher price than they the process they obtain locally. Second, local people as well as firms produce more goods and services that domestic consumers cannot handle everything. They therefore seek foreign markets for the excess goods and services.

Question 26

Comparative advantage of a country is in goods or services that a country sacrifices the least too produce. It involves specialization. Producing goods that involves less sacrifices and trading the rest from other nations.

Question 27

Commercial loans, foreign direct investment (FDI), official flows, and foreign portfolio investment (FPI) are the main categories of foreign investments.

Question 51

When it comes to migration, the following push factors drive people to leaving their homes; wars, politics, and persecution based on religion force people to leave their countries. Civil strife also push people to leave their own lands.

Poverty, as well as limited job opportunities force people to migrate to other nations in search for better living conditions.

Natural disasters such as loss of homes, among other factors such as poor health care also drive people out of their country.

Question 60

Nations import for the following reasons; one, goods and services that are needed domestically are produced at a cheaper price and in an efficient manner in foreign nations and are therefore available at cheaper prices. Second, countries import goods and services that are needed for economic growth or that are needed by local consumers and they are not available in the domestic market.

Question 61

Trade specialization does not work precisely the way the theory of comparative advantage suggests. This is because of various reasons. First, every country produces some goods or services that another country can produce in a more efficient manner. Second, developing countries may be able to produce certain products in a more efficient manner than developed countries but find it difficult to identify market in the developed nations. In such a case, then the developed countries will have to produce those goods and services. Third, it is impossible for a country to specialize in producing and exporting only one product or service.

Question 68

The United States is seen to play a prominent role in cultural globalization because it is by far the biggest producer when it comes to goods of popular culture. Through television shows, music, clothing, movies, newspapers, among other goods, the popular culture, which happens to be mainly the American culture is spread across the globe.