Outline Plan

Outline Plan





  1. Introduction

Kotter and Cohen’s The Heart of Change and Konopaske’s Organizational Behavior emphasize the importance of change process for effective organizations. Kotter and Cohen explain an eight step process for effective organizational change. Organizational Change explains change through understanding and organizing peoples’ behaviour.

  • Background

Verizon Wireless has been dominating the United States wireless market. However, the Company has experienced a decrease in revenues and profits over the past year due to increased competition. Cord-cutting in response to the introduction of services of the online streaming video has greatly affected the company creating the need for introducing streaming service.

  • Change process plan
    • Kotter and Cohen’s The Heart of Change

The Heart of Change points out that companies can embrace change effectively by changing the behaviour of their people. This involves showing people a truth that will influence their feelings.

3.1.1 The 8 steps to an effective change process Create a sense of urgency

Verizon Wireless should develop an internal sense of urgency providing the essential initial energy for starting the change. Pull together a guiding team

The second step is establishing a team, which will work well in collaboration and a powerful team that will guide other people in the company during the change process. Get the vision right

The guide team should develop the right vision and strategy for the future of the company. Communicate for buy-in

Communicate the vision through simple, heartfelt messages through multiple channels for buy-in towards the new direction of the company Empower people

The fifth step is to empower people in the company to show them they have the ability to act on the new vision which tends to make them be rededicated to the company. Create short-term wins

The sixth step is to establish short-term goals which create momentum, making change possible Maintain momentum make change stick

The company should continue making necessary changes until the new vision is realized. Make change stick

Verizon Wireless should then continue with the new direction despite the pull of changes in leadership and traditional programs.

3.2 Organizational Behavior management

Organizational behaviour management is an analysis of applied behaviour that applies principles of psychology in organizational behaviour with a purpose of improving performance. The technique plays an important role in the change process.

3.2.1 Understanding individual differences and work behaviour

Understanding individual differences enhance understanding of individual work behaviour which is important in influencing people to embrace change.

3.2.2 Maslow’s theory of Need Hierarchy.

Motivation plays a significant role in empowering people in the change process and also in making a change to stick. Maslow’s Need theory explains how satisfying peoples’ need in one level motivates them into achieving needs in the next level. Verizon Wireless needs to fulfil the needs in the lower level of its employees to motivate them to seek needs at the higher level.

3.2.3 Organizational design model- Organic model

Organic organizational design model will ensure that Verizon Wireless achieves its set goals through the change process. The model supports team work, authority decentralization, verbal or face-to- face communication, and complex integrating mechanisms.

3.2.4 Fiedler’s Contingency Leadership Model

For the best leadership style to support the change process, Verizon Wireless will have to rely on Fiedler’s Contingency Leadership Model which explains that effectiveness of a leadership depends on the situation.

3.2.5 Managing organizational change

People approaches will help in addressing barriers to the change process.

  • Conclusion

The Heart of Change and Organizational Behavior prove that effective change in businesses is brought about by a change in peoples’ behaviour in the business.