Immigration Policy reforms

Immigration Policy reforms

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Minority non-white perspective

To enforce and protect the nation from illegal immigration, the universal E-verify would probably perform more than to assist cut on illegal immigration. This is an effective means because it will control both illegal immigrants and also a verification process for all immigrants. The E-verifying procedure will make it easy for the immigration agencies in solving the immigration mayhem. The software is an IT infrastructure for handling the new hires. This is contrary to the wall system.

The government ought to develop a humane border enforcement strategy as part of the immigration policy reforms. This can be achieved through the immigration department implementing various mechanisms to improve accountability and oversight of the border patrol to ensure the protection of the residents of the border communities against such harassment, a racial profiling and other misconduct from the border patrol agents. Moreover, the State should provide adequate staffing and funding policies for the United States ports of entry. The focus based on finance and appropriate staffing will be able to handle the immigration policy reforms. The solution to the impending immigration mayhem is by ensuring that the policies are implemented by the right staff that will be able to handle without any biasness.

The US immigration agencies and other responsible government officials require a common sense immigration policy. These should be contrary to an escalation of the border militarization, a lot of arrests and detentions and harmful and inefficient practices based on the stereotypes. We require a border security in a manner able to respect the human rights and constitutional rights and also able to treat everyone equally and fairly. It is imperative that the problem with the current enforcement actions is the lack of fairness and also the fact that it is community-based. This has always attracted discussion and interference from human rights association and other international departments. Indeed, the fear of the states breaking international ties or relationship has always affected the various reforms and policies. 

Dominant white perspective

Both the citizens and immigrants alike would want to stay in safe societies. Therefore, the immigration policies must be able to uphold our values by protecting people from any possible harm. The government needs to ensure that there is high quality and not the quantity of border enforcement through strict measures and a lot of reforms, since our nation has a number of immigrants increasing the population, and thus creating unemployment cases. Basically, our government must ensure that only the right people are allowed to the state to reduce the number of immigrants (Lakoff, 2006). This can be done by raising the standard of life for any immigrant coming to the nation. This will reduce the number of unnecessary immigration processes.


Generally, the government should stand and enforce what they say on the issue of immigration. There should be a solution evaluated to control the immigration menace in the United States. The movement should be conducted without favoritism based on a given nation, and religion to enact some aspect of seriousness. Most of our leaders would announce the issue of immigration and promise to solve the problem, but in the long run, nation is done.  The solution lies beyond building the wall across the nation.


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