Marketing Situation Analysis

Marketing Situation Analysis





  1. Introduction

Link Vision Inc which is formerly known as Aid for the Blind QLD Inc is an organization that relies on donations from the general public as well as local businesses to help blind or people with low vision live independently. The donations help in building the affordable units and conduction other operations such as computer product. Link Vision has been successful in improving the lives of the target population in Australia. This paper presents a situational analysis for the company which shows that even though it has major strengths, it has weaknesses and threats presenting opportunities that can boost growth.

  • Situational Analysis

2.1 Micron-environment analysis

2.1.1 Company analysis

Link Vision Inc which is formerly known as Aid for the Blind QLD Inc is an organization that relies on donations from the general public as well as local businesses. The funds are channelled towards the maintenance of the accommodation units which serve as a home for residents with low or no vision. The company offers units that are safe and secure for the target population at a subsidised rate to enable them to live independent lives. The rooms are equipped with laundry, kitchen, and bathroom (Link Vision, 2018). The organization operates five shops that sell electric goods, furniture, shoes, clothes, and bric-a-brac. A program of computer club mentoring is offered to encourage young people with low or no vision especially on the use of computers (Link Vision, 2017, p12).

In terms of financial assessment, the organization has had its share of ups and downs. In 2013, the company had donations of $100k with closure off a charity. In 2014, BCC donated $14k for guiderail. In the past four years, the company has received donations of $183k from a Benevolent Foundation that is private (Link Vision, 2017, p13). In 2016, $35k gaming grant was donated for the solar project. The federal government solar communities program gave $15k solar grant in 2017. The company has been successful in securing some donations for its activities. The organization has a loan facility of $335k set up in 2011 for renovation paid in 2015. The revenue streams ate donated goods retail and whole sales, rent from the units, and collections (Link Vision, 2018, p2). The major costs are warehouse rents, landlord costs, repair and maintenance, staff costs, and general administration.

2.1.2 Staff analysis

Link Vision has 20 employees. Six are employed on a full time basis, three are on permanent part time, while eleven work as casuals. The organization has over 50 volunteers for the warehouse and shops who are recruited through existing agencies, word of mouth, volunteering Qld, dole program, and through other agencies (Link Vision, 2017, p11). The staffs’ expenses are estimated at 59%.  The organization uses traditional marketing as marketing resources. This involves the use of promo leaflets and brochures, and use of radio on Macquarie network. Additionally, the organization relies on word of mouth referrals from already tenants, blind agencies, schools, as well as through the use of Facebook and its website (Link Vision, 2018, p1).

2.1.3 Digital assessment

Link Vision uses social media platforms such as Facebook to reach the target population. 89% of the people who like the organization’s page are women while 10% are men. Majority of the fans are from Australia. However, people from other regions are also fans. A total of 962 people like the page. However, this might have increased from the date the information was collected. The company has made many posts especially FB promotions that attracts numerous responses. For example, a post seeking support for Computed Club had 18 clicks with 1,728 people reaching out (Link Vision, 2017, p15). Between June and July 2018, the page had 4 actions, 101 views, 12 previews, 17 likes, 668 reach, 178 engagements, and 16 followers.

2.1.4 Email marketing assessment

The company had tried email marketing some years back. However, due to numerous complaints from blind people in relation to program such as PDF and word, font, and type face the organization gave up this marketing strategy and is yet to try it again (Link Vision, 2018).

2.1.5 Website assessment

As of July 2018, Link Vision website had attracted 913 unique visitors, 1,227 people visited the site, 2.37pages were viewed per visit, and 9.96 hits were conducted per visit. People from different locations including Australia, the US, China, Japan, France, Canada, Ukraine and Turkey among others visited the website. Of these visits, an average of 99seconds is spent (Link Vision, 2018, p3).

2.1.6 Paid advertising

Link Vision largely relies on traditional marketing in terms of advertisement. The organization uses approximately $3k annually on brochures and leaflets, and have spent $13k on the campaign through the radio. The organization has spent limited resources and mostly none at all in digital advertising (Link Vision, 2017, p17). Although it uses Facebook and website to advertise reach people, it has not invested significantly in the strategy.

2.2 Meso-environment

2.2.1 Market analysis

Link Vision targets people with low vision or blind. The organization aims at providing affordable services to the target consumer including affordable housing for independent living. Market analysis involves determining the current and future attractiveness of a market. In Australia, of the more than 4 million people living with a disability, it is estimated that approximately 357,000 are people with low vision or blind. This number is expected to increase by 2030 to 564, 000 (Australian Network on Disability, 2018). This means that Link Vision Inc has a significant population to provide services to now and in the future. In places such as Gold Coast and Brisbane where rental prices are higher, the higher cost of unit purchase is expected. Wait list indicates that there is an inherent demand for the services (Link Vision, 2018).

2.2.2 Competitors

Many organizations offer aid for the low vision and blind people in Australia threatening Link Vision. The organization has however embraced offering unique services such as the specialized units for a competitive advantage. Youngcare and Vision Australia are a direct competitor of Link Vision. The Department of Housing and Public Works also offers similar services (Link Vision, 2017, p17).

2.3 Macro environment

2.3.1 Social

Due to technological advancements, trends in content consumption have changed from passive to active. People are no longer willing to just consume information but are actively involved in the consumption where they continuously engage with organizations. This aspect is forcing Link Vision to adopt a modern approach in terms of sharing content to avoid losing consumers to competitors (Link Vision, 2018).

2.3.2 Technological

Technology has changed how marketing is conducted in the market. Traditional marketing strategies are quickly being replaced by modern marketing such as social media. Link Vision recognizes the significant role of the marketing technology but is yet to significantly invest in it even when direct competitors have already embraced the technology (Link Vision, 2018, p1).

2.3.3 Legal 

Link Vision has established its constitution which guides its operations. The constitution is tabulated as per the demands of government regulations. The organization also complies with the national and international laws that such organizations are expected to abide by (Link Vision, 2015, p5). These include complying with laws such as GDPR that requires protection of personal data and respect for privacy.

2.3.4 Political

The current climate in Australia allows Link Vision to conduct its operations as part of helping the government to improve the quality of life of its citizens. The government has developed policies that support the organization in conducting the activities effectively including giving grants.

2.3.5 Environmental

Link Vision has not clearly stated how it promotes environmental sustainability. The organization however, uses the available resources to improve the livelihood of people with low vision or blind by giving them affordable units that promote independent living as well as promoting recycling (Link Vision, 2017, p25).

  • SWOT analysis

3.1 Strengths

Link Vision is growing financially essential in the realization of its goals. The organization receives donations and grants useful in providing their services. It has skilled staff who help in driving the operations in an effective and efficient manner. It has no debt. Through Facebook and its Website the organization has managed to attract traffic useful in attracting more donors and customers (Link Vision, 2017, p10). The organization has a strong volunteer base.

3.2 Weaknesses

Link Vision has not invested significantly in digital marketing associated with a limited number of customers and donors. The company emphasizes the use of traditional marketing which limits customer base (Link Vision, 2018, p2). The brand name is weak. Additionally, Link Vision ignores the significant role of email marketing.

3.3 Opportunities

Link Vision has various opportunities that it can explore for effectiveness. The organization can ensure that all Op Shops are operated by volunteers. This will attract more people who will help in reaching a wider consumer base. The organization should differentiate their services by implementing USP’s for a competitive advantage (Link Vision, 2018, p2). By investing in digital marketing, the organization will be able to attract more consumers.

3.4 Threats

Competition is a threat to Link Vision considering that other organizations are offering similar services in the country. The quality of donated goods threatens the reputation of the company especially when it is very low. The cost of maintaining all the retail shops is high (Link Vision, 2018, p2). Additionally, the high expenses are a threat because they can prevent the company from achieving its objectives.

  • Personas

4.1 Jeffrey

Jeffery is a male married man with three children. He is a social worker aged 44 years. He lives in Brisbane suggesting that he experiences a quality life. Jeffery is blind with a goal of using technology to improve his profession he believes in commitment to improving others’ lives and aspires to use the technological advancement to achieve the goal. His hobbies include listening to music and conducting research on various topics. Link Vision computer Program will help the client to be able to use computers to enhance his profession and to experience his hobbies (Link Vision, 2017, p14). Jeffrey prefers digital channels and spends most of his time on the phone to gather new information. With Link Vision marketing, the client will have a better experience in relation to the behaviour (Link Vision, 2018). Considering that the client is blind normal prints is meaningless to him requiring specialized prints for effective content delivery.

4.2 Mac

Mac is another happy client of Link Vision Inc. Mac is single and Lives in Gold Coast indicating that he prefers a high quality life. He is a business man. His goal is to use digital marketing to attract more customers. His hobbies include watching movies, and soul searching. The organization’s specialized units will enable him to be independent and practice his rituals comfortably.

The computer program will enable him to use digital marketing to advertise his job (Link Vision, 2018). His behaviour of use of digital channels though friends will be enhanced by marketing. Use of brochures and leaflets bars Mac from understanding the marketing content. Adding voice advertisement will help reach such clients.

4.3 Jark

Jark has low vision. He is single working with an NGO in Australia. He lives in Gold Coast where the organization is based. His goal is to be financially stable to provide for his family when establishes it. Among his hobbies is watching football and reading. Link Vision units will help Jark to save rent money essential in realizing his goal. The computer program will help him engage in his hobbies from the computer. Jark loves Facebook and through our programs he will be able to operate the digital channel independently (Link Vision, 2018). Email marketing with Jark and similar clients require special fonts and fixing this problem would help deliver the content effectively.      


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