ecomap Assignment

Ecomap Assignment






Relationship Key                               Strong Relationship                               Stressful Relationship


The relationship between Maria and work is stressful. First, the family has just moved in to the US and started a new business. This means that the business has been established in a new market which makes it challenging to penetrate and be successful. Starting a new business in a new market requires enough knowledge about the new market, about the consumer habits, and preference, government regulations on how to conduct business in the country, as well as legal issues. Without such information it is challenging to be successful. Maria requires information about the new market to provide in-demand service associate with increased profitability. As a caseworker, I plan to assist Maria to have access to guidance on how best to operate the business. This way, she will have a stronger relationship with the system enabling her to provide for the family. In the US, the government has established social programs that seek to alleviate poverty in the country. One of the roles of the programs is offering job training and assistance (Welfare Info, 2018). Maria will be assisted and trained on how to conduct her business through the social programs. This will ensure that her business thrives giving her an income that will be useful in taking care of Luis, the elderly mother, children, and her pregnancy.


The relationship between Maria and pregnancy is both strong and stressful. On the strong side, she is going to have another baby which is positive from a mother’s perspectives. On the stressful side, Maria already has seven children. She has to take care of her ailing husband, and of her elderly grieving mother in law. These responsibilities are too much for one person. She even has to take care of their new business. She requires help to handle this stress. As the caseworker I will ensure that Maria accesses an insurance that will help her to access the prenatal and postnatal care reducing her stress associated with the pregnancy. With the state public insurance programs, immigrant pregnant women are able to access prenatal care in the US (Wherry et al., 2017). Luis also has a strong and stressful relationship with the pregnancy. Strong in that he has a connection with the baby. Stressful in that he has an illness that limits him from supporting the pregnant wife. By helping Maria to access quality prenatal care Luis’ stress will be reduced.

Extended family

The family has a strong and stressful relationship with the extended family. A string relationship in that they have a strong connecting with the grandmother. However, they just lost Luis’ father. Apart from being elderly, Luis’ mother is also grieving. This requires Maria to take care of her since Luis is already sick. The family requires support too help in taking care of the elderly mother. To help the family to take care of the elderly mother, I will help them to obtain an individual health insurance for the mother (Health Insurance, 2018). This was if she has health issues they will face no financial issues. In addition, helping Maria to access basic needs will give her time to take care of her elderly mother. This way the stress between the family and Luis’ mother will be eliminated creating a stronger relationship.


The children have a stressful relationship with the school. By migrating in to the US, the children are experiencing a new environment. The have lost their grandfather and are living with an elderly grandmother. Additionally, their father has a progressively debilitating disease. They require a support system to perform better in school despite the challenges. As the caseworker, I will inform the school management about the stressful nature of the family from which the children come from so that the school can act as a support source for healing them. The school counselling department is in charge of the children by providing their needs. Schools in the US have embraced various programs that help children to handle the stressful life effectively. School counsellors use pet therapy, outside playing, yoga, among other therapies to help children relieve the stress. These children will be involved in stress-reduction programs in the new school where they will be assisted to overcome the stress (Healy, 2013). In the school, the children will have access to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families programs which will help them to access food considering that the mother just started a new business and have two needy people relying on her assistance. Such programs are available in the US and with the help of the school management, the children will lead a normal life.


The family has a stressful relationship with communication in the US. All the family members are fluent in Spanish but are poor in English. This creates a language barrier that is associated with ineffectiveness. For instance, in conducting the new business, the family requires having a command of English to communicate with consumers in the US. Otherwise, poor communication can create misunderstandings driving the customers to the competitors. For the children, it would be challenging to study in the school where English is the common language. Therefore, it is important for the family to learn English since it is the official language in the US. As the caseworker, I will refer the family to various resources that offer English classes. In the US, many non-profit groups in partnership with local governments offer free classes to learn English (Community Foundation, 2013). The resource center of El Sol Neighborhood in Jupiter offers free English classes and will help the family to study the language reducing communication barriers.


The family has a stressful relationship with the church. The fact that the family has just migrated to a new place means that they have to attend a new church with new members. This means that they cannot confide in the new members and are instead forced to handle their stress. As the caseworker, I will connect the family to a church of their choice where they can seek spiritual guidance essential in handling the stress. Church has a theological duty to relieve stress in families. Churches in the US offer programs that are designed to help stressed families. In this case, the church will help the family to cope with the stressful changes not only spiritually but also financially. Through meditation, Maria will be able to overcome family stress and be able to take care of her family (Webb, 2012). Church will also be helpful in giving Luis hope so that he can be supportive of Maria essential in facing the massive changes the family has undergone.


The family has a stressful relationship with healthcare. Being an immigrant in the US, limits one to have access to various healthcare insurance. For example, some states require immigrants to have lived in the states for more than five years to access Medicaid benefits. Luis has a progressively debilitating disease meaning that he requires medical attention. To solve this problem, the family will be guided on how to obtain a health insurance that will cater for healthcare services. Two options are available, one the immigrant-focussed insurance, and second, the individual health insurance. The two options give immigrants an opportunity to access healthcare in the US. Although the policies cater for about five years, the family will be guided on how to obtain comprehensive healthcare insurance as time goes on (Blumenthal & Collins, 2014). Again, with time, they will be able to benefit from Medicaid and Medicare services.


Children have a stressful relationship with recreation. The fact that they have moved to a new environment limits their sociability. Apart from having no friends to play with, they are unaware of places where they can engage in recreational activities.  To help them overcome the stressful lives, they will be subjected to outdoor activities. Research shows that recreation helps in alleviating stress. The children will be given choices to engage in outdoor activities including playing in natural settings, visiting community parks, bird watching, brisk walking, and socializing with other children. The activities will be organized for regular engagement (California State Park, 2005). Outdoor activities will help the children to explore the new environment, and reduce the stress. In the US, people are encouraged to engage in outdoor activities to reduce life stress that has adverse effects on human health if left unmanaged.


The family has a stressful relationship with neighbors. First, the family just migrated into the US. This means that they have hardly met the neighbors considering the US lifestyle. Second, the stress of losing Luis’ father and having Luis discover that he has an illness limits the family from connecting with the neighbors. The changes are too many to have room for new friends. Neighbors who are considered friends offer an effective social support (Shaw, 2005). To help the family handle the stress, an arrangement will be made to have the family meet with two neighboring families from whom they can obtain social support. This way the Maria and Luis will have someone else to talk to while the children will learn to associate with other kids. This will play a key role in handling the stressful lives.  

Social welfare

The family has a stressful relationship with social welfare in the US. Most of the new immigrants in the US are not eligible for the welfare. For those who are eligible, they have to wait for several years to benefit from the welfare. Policy makers have even proposed allowing only immigrants who are highly-skilled and fluent in English to limit the use of the welfare. This means that the family can only obtain limited welfare from the states (Campbell, 2017). The Catholic Charities will be contacted to help the family settle in their new environment and in the new community. This will play a key role in helping the family to obtain the basic needs and address the various issues it is facing from financial to psychological challenges.


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