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Oppression is one of the challenges that is preventing many prisoners from meeting their dreams and becoming whom they want to become in life. Recently prisoners should be given the right to nature their talents whenever in prisons. Basing on the dream version of Hamlet play, under real-life situation the impact of those prisoners who become what they wanted after their imprisonment should be highly considered at any circumstance of whether guilty or not. I would highly support Hamlet Dreams for his efforts of bringing together Nelson Mandela’s island prison and Shakespeare prison which is in Denmark. These prisoners coming working together will join efforts and grow their talents together considering whatever they have passed through.

David Schalkwyk use of the edited copy of Shakespeare shows how they represented themselves in prison and their experience and at last Nelson Mandela who was of their representatives gained the freedom that he was fighting for which was a great experience for him and his people. The decisions of those prisoners contributing to signing the Shakespeare copy that was used to examine the experience in prison is also recommended in modern plays. As Hamlets Dreams support Shakespeare powers of this play that shows how Nelson Mandela’s territories gained the freedom that his imprisonment did not prevent freedom attainment in South Africa.

Shakespeare’s play according to Hamlets dreams should help in improving our understanding and not necessarily altering the knowledge of our cultures and the places we live. Shakespeare’s new project about his much emphasis on the authors coming up with new critical ideas is highly recommended which should be ideas that are clearly understood by readers to that will help them be able to fight for freedom whenever considered that it might be of help. Dreams of Hamlet to support and use Shakespeare’s work will help in solving political and social boundaries in our modern life situation.