Thames hit a ring:People Don’t Need Superhero

Thames hit a ring:People Don’t Need Superhero

In the comic The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, the author depicts Batman’s heroic deeds of saving Gotham city. In the comic Watchmen by Alan Moore, Alan talked about the story of some hero who changes the world. In both comics, the superheroes evade the laws in order to save the country. They fight against the government and uphold justice in their own ways. This indicates that superheroes are against progress in society. However, some people believe that in the era of incompetent governments and desperate times, they can bring hope to the society. However, the existence of superheroes has potential in causing instability in the society.

Batman is the leading character of The Dark Knight Returns, and he is my favorite superhero. Unlike other superheroes, he doesn’t have any superpowers. He relies on his intelligence and wealth to uphold justice. Just as ordinary people, he experiences failure, he is hurt, and even injured. This stimulates the spirit of never giving up in readers. For example, on page 87 of the Dark Knight Returns, after Batman was defeated by the malformed leader, he vomits blood and says “I’m dying, but I can’t die. I’m not finished yet, and you’re not finished with me”. This sentence shows his determination to eradicate the evil. No matter how tired he is; no matter how hard it is, he is not ready to give up. Batman is selfless. Even if both the government and criminals hit him, he does not complain. Instead, he silently fulfills his beliefs contrary to what Superman says in page 120, “The rest of us learned to cope. The rest of us recognized the danger of the endless envy of those not blessed”. Other superheroes choose to compromise with the government and the dark world in order to save their lives. However, Batman is different. He has long been hard-hearted towards personal life and death. Even though the road is full of hardships, he sticks by it. The most important point is that Batman knows that his behavior affects social order. He therefore used the suspended animation to withdraw from the public angle after destroying the enemy. This makes everything return to normal. That’s why I admire Batman the most. It is also at this point that his emotional intelligence reaches its utmost. When the city fell into darkness, he stepped into the darkness to drive out the evil. But even in the process of fighting crime, he puts himself in the position of the backup of the government rather than the leader of the mission. Most of the time he was subduing the prisoners and notifying the police, not privately killing them. This also makes Batman gain respect from some justice police, such as Gordon. In page 126, Superman responds to Batman’s words saying, “Sure we’re criminals. We’ve always been criminals. We have to be criminals”. This sentence fully expresses Batman don’t support superheroes. Even superheroes admit that they act like criminals. Why then do humans still need superheroes?

There is a character in the watchman is often compared with Batman.  Rorschach, a costumed hero, has excellent intelligence and meticulous mind as Batman. For example, in chapter five, he said to Moloch “No good. Wrong tone of voice. Not convincing enough” (5). Rorschach only uses the wrong tone to judge that the Moloch is telling the lies. The subtle observation is amazing, so he is an inborn detective. Rorschach does not have as much wealth and technology equipment as Batman. However, even if Rorschach has the same conditions as Batman, he can’t be a great superhero like Batman. This is because he doesn’t consider humanity in his actions. But this is not his fault. After all, the inhuman childhood experience he experienced affected his entire life. In chapter six, after his mother and the client finish the sex trade, she insulted Rorschach “ugly little bastard” (4). These words can fully describe his mother’s resentment against him, and she lack love for the son. This also helps the reader understand why he only said an unclear “good” when he received news of the death of the mother in murder. This word indicates his ill feelings towards his mother. Her actions drove him to assume that she had already died and not part of his life. The psychologist’s review in chapter six is very appropriate for him. “The cops don’t like him; the underworld doesn’t like him; nobody likes him” (2). This is why he does not have as many followers as Batman. It is also challenging for him to maintain order with a pack of followers like Batman.

Superheroes undermine the stability of a country and the credibility of a government. Survival requires order, and society needs regulations. If someone can overrule the law, then it means that the law has lost its meaning. Even if the superhero’s approach is to achieve justice, they break the state’s order and trample on the country’s laws. For example, in chapter 6, Rorschach found a tailor who had butchered a young girl. He resulted in burning him in his own house. Even though the tailor had wronged, Rorschach did not have the right to kill him. Although morally, Rorschach did not make a mistake, he did violate the law. The law is difficult and detailed, and there are mistakes in personal interpretation. If a certain Rorschach’s judgment is wrong, then who is responsible for the fault? Imagine, if the person who killed the little girl is not the tailor but his wife. Then Rorschach is no different from the murderer. More importantly, the actions of a superhero can be uncontrollable. If a superhero does not stick to its own beliefs and becomes inhumane, the consequences can be unimaginable. For example, Adrian who is paranoid made me feel terrified. He sacrificed more than three million human lives for his plans to change the world. The story is disturbing, and when I see it, I feel numb. If the superhero is really allowed to exist, the risk of these horrible consequences can’t be avoided by society. This is just one example of a superhero becoming evil and paranoid. What’s more, some superheroes are complete bastards. For example, Comedian in watchman is an absolute scumbag. The most shocking thing is, in Vietnam, he was able to kill a woman who is pregnant with his child. After the woman’s angry rebellion, he snarls “Filthy, stinking, Worth less” and ended two lives with one shot. When he uses “Filthy, stinking” to describe his pregnant girlfriend, it shows that his discriminate against women. If such a scam is to be a superhero and promote justice, can you support him? So unless there is a rule that completely constrains the superhero, they will mess up the whole world. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. The most important thing for a country is stability. Even if certain things the government does are wrong, the aim is not to destroy the hard-won stability. The revolution was built on sweat and blood. There is no any revolution that has not given rise the suffering of the people. This is why people prefer stability. If some people, such as superheroes, really destabilize the country, the government will assertively eradicate them. This may not be right or wrong but it is worth to maintain stability in the society.

Even though the superheroes do not always promote immorality, they are sometimes attractive to the public. This can lead to the emergence of many other superheroes. Such a situation can cause a devastating blow to the social order. For example, on page 102 of Batman, Batman’s supporters say “Gotham city belongs to the Batman”. What a ridiculous opinion on public affairs. Even if Batman never thought so, the fanatics put him the crown of Gotham City. The behavior of these Batman fans is no different with mutants who screamed “the Gotham City belongs to mutants” in essence. Gotham City belongs to all citizens, but the government is the only one who is qualified to manage them. Dr. Wall says “The Batman has infected the youth of Gotham. Batman has poisoned them with a deceptive excuse for the most anti-social behavior” (102). Most of Batman’s fanatics and followers are young people. They are impulsive and irritable. In an unstructured systematic organization, they are not properly guided, and there is no strict regulation. It is easy to lose themselves in violent behaviors, and thus embark on the path of crime. Another point is that this organization is also not controlled by the government, which means that if they lose their sense of reason, this will have a devastating blow to society. Look at Batman’s page 162, merely because the clerk did not dare to resist the robbery of the gangsters, the fanatic Batman fans cut his fingers with a wire cutter. The clerk did not do anything wrong. Who gave them the right to do so? Just because he felt the clerk was weak, he made such killings. The most important point is that this is only his personal thought and does not mean that this is the idea of most people. In ordinary people’s mind, if they encounter robbery, they must be based on their own lives. So in the final analysis, this Batman fan used his wrong thoughts to punish a clerk who did the right thing. This is undoubtedly a crime. Imagine an organization where hundreds of people are doing things like that. What will society look like? Is this the social style that Batman desires?

Some people will say that superheroes are doing good deeds. That their deeds definitely outweigh their faults, so they should be allowed in the society. They feel that superheroes are maintaining social stability, so expelling superheroes is not the maintenance of social stability, but a mere violent act. These people’s thoughts are only from a personal perspective and do not consider this matter from the nationwide viewpoint. This is precisely what the government needs to think about. For example, the Tian’anmen Square protests, which once shocked the world, are also known as the June 4th Movement. Numerous college students were gathered by the media to protest against the government in front of Tiananmen Square. They wanted to change the national system, and be more democratic. In a sense, they can also be called superheroes, although they do not have any super power. However, because of this, they did not have such a good ending. In order to stop the chaos, the government used violence to control them, and the college students had no choice but to give up. After the incident, countless people condemned the government for fueling violent behavior instead of maintaining stability. However, these peoples’ thoughts are only from the perspective of college students. From a national perspective, what is the purpose of maintaining stability? Is not to keep social stability, for better development, and to protect the vital interests of ordinary civilians? In ancient China, there was a prime minister who once said, “Resist Foreign Aggression after Stabilizing the Country.” Only when there is a stable and harmonious social environment, that a state can develop its national strength without any worries. At least in terms of results, China has evolved from an internally chaotic country into a world power. Therefore, superheroes should only live in comics and movies.

Some people argue that human beings need superheroes to redress the scales because of the government’s inaction. They think that the government is incompetent and cannot eliminate crime, so the superhero should come out to uphold justice. These people are wrong. The viewpoint is misinformed and impractical. The government has a purpose of leading a country through established regulations. Everyone including the government wants their country to be better. The government’s desire for stability is far more profound than in any ordinary person. However, the government needs to take care of the overall situation. They can’t ignore the national interest because of the benefit of a small number of victims. If there are no superheroes, there are indeed a few people who will suffer. However, if the superhero destroys the order of the country, the entire country will fall into the dark. It is better to have the country in the hands of a government than in the hands of superheroes whose actions are uncontrollable and unpredictable. It is beneficial to have regulations controlling the nation.

The fact that humans do not need superheroes does not mean that they do not need a superpower. If superpower can be used effectively, it will be of great help to human development. However, superpower regulation is a big challenge. But I believe that with the advancement of society and the development of technology, these problems will definitely have solutions. After all, no one could imagine that hundreds of years ago, humans could fly into the sky and even explore the universe. For the ancients, isn’t electricity superpower? This is an indicator that superpower will continue to emerge. I believe that in the near future, there will be no superheroes in the world, because everyone is a superhero in their own unique way.