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Company Culture

Company culture affects a company’s ability to compete, innovate, and engage customers and employees. It involves how people in an organization interact with each other. The culture adopted by any company determines whether the company succeeds or fails. Company culture determines its overall performance. Leaders who model good behaviors ensure that company culture is a positive and inviting environment.

            A company’s culture determines its overall performance. For instance, a company culture that supports innovation experience enhanced productivity. An innovative culture enables employees to come up with new ideas essential for promoting the productivity of any organization. This, in turn, provides meaningful differentiation and increases competitive advantage. Many companies are successful today for allowing their employees to be innovative. This includes giving the employees a chance to learn from mistakes. Companies that tolerate the failure of their employees in innovation attempts to empower them to be innovative (Whitehurst, 2016).

            Leaders can ensure that the company culture is a positive and inviting environment by leading in positive and inviting behaviors. Leaders should start by modeling the behavior they want others in the organization to emulate. By setting the kind of behavior leaders they want other people to follow, leaders can be able to create an environment they desire (Whitehurst, 2016). Leaders must always act positively and inviting. This will motivate others to act the same eventually creating an environment that positive and inviting.

            It is clear that company culture has an impact on a company. It determines the success of an organization.  For instance, a culture that supports innovation experienced enhanced productivity. Leaders can ensure that the culture of the companies is a positive and inviting environment by first acting positively and then the rest will follow.


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