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Marketing and Selling

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Using effective marketing strategies is essential for promoting a business. My marketing plan is creating a strong online presence. Today, more than half of the population across the country are using the web. This means the majority of potential customers are online. This means that as a business person, I should also be online. Having a strong online presence will strengthen my brand and highlight my service to the target market (Hedge & Borman, 2008). With quality online content, it will be possible to attract customers who know the brand and those who are yet to hear about the brand.

To create a strong online presence I will engage in various activities. First, a website will be created for the consulting service (Hedge & Borman, 2008). The website will contain information needed by potential and current customers. Second, SEO techniques will be used to ensure that the website is found by search engines. This is important because search engines are used by many consumers while searching for a business. Third social media will be used as part of a marketing strategy (Lovelock et al., 2016). Specifically, Facebook page and Twitter for the business will be created. Through these platforms, news about the consulting service will be shared. YouTube channel will also be used in sharing compelling and engaging materials with the target market. Through a strong web presence, I will be able to network essential for attracting more customers.

In creating a strong online presence, there are various ethical considerations to make. First, while collecting data from customers online, their consent will be sought first. This will prevent the invading of their privacy. Second, the focus will be placed on protecting the collected consumer data. This will help in protecting our customers from cybercrime. In addition, honest service pricing will be provided in the marketing messages (Lovelock et al., 2016). The ethical considerations will prevent facing ethical issues later which can affect the reputation of the business.


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