Wine and Winery Overview

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Wine and Winery Overview

My wine/winery snapshot

I am a lover of wine and I love studying about the wine business. I am producing Diamond Oak wine to give society what is lacking. People in the US fell in love with wine centuries ago. Winemaking began as early as the 16th century with the use of native grape. Today every state has a winery. After conducting research I have discovered something in demand in regard to wine. People want the highest quality. This is exactly what Four Artisans Winery will provide. Wine consumers should be ready for the highest quality wine at an affordable price.

Winery name: Four Artisans Winery

Wine name: Diamond Oak

Company & Product Description:

Four Artisans Wines mission is to bring to the wine market the highest quality wine at an affordable price. The supply will be across the US. The company is focused on wine-lovers across all generations. Diamond Oak will be made with an innate passion for quality and excellence.

Winery Story:

I have visited a vineyard before which made me realize how expensive it can be to start one. So, I thought why not try a cheaper entry method. This brought the idea of establishing a winery in the urban area and outsource grapes from vineyards.

Case production (this wine): 10,000 cases

Retail Price: 750ml bottler of Diamond Oak wine will cost $14

At cost price for On-Premise: 750ml bottler of Diamond Oak wine will cost $20

Winery production model

I will adopt an urban winery model in the production of the Diamond Oak. Grapes that are temperature-controlled will be delivered by vineyards to the urban winery.

Additional revenue generators

  1. Tasting room fees

The wine tasting room charges will serve as a source for additional revenue. Considering the Winery will be new, a standard fee of $10 to 15 will be charged.

  • Special events

Various special events will be hosted at the winery. Apart from selling a selection of wines, we shall offer our own decorations as well as food for the guests. The guests will have their space preserved. The charges will depend on the number of guests and time spent.

  • Sales strategies
  • Direct selling strategy

This strategy will focus on wine club, tasting rooms, and direct mail to market the wine directly to the customers.

  1. Wine club

With the wine collection, entertainment content will be created for the wine club. This will help in attracting target consumer essential for increasing wine sales. Club membership will also help build customer loyalty which will also boost sales.

  • Tasting room

In the tasting room, the wine will be strategically placed in high traffic areas. This will encourage more customers to take notice of the brand and our staff will be just next to engage them.

  • Direct mail

We shall send promotional materials to our target market. Our mailing list will include our current and potential consumers and businesses. The campaign will help build brand loyalty essential for boosting sales.

  • Selling online to consumers

Selling online directly to consumers will help reach a new market and eventually increase our sales. We shall create a website with an online store builder from where our online customers can buy the wine. 

  • Selling online through third parties

We shall work with Amazon as a third party facilitator to reach a wider audience. This will help overcome the challenge of building an audience for our website.

  • Retail stores

We shall work with several retail stores through which my wine will be sold to the general public. The stores will help satisfy the wine demand boosting its sales.

  • On-premise sales

We shall work with restaurants, bars, wine bars, and hotels in selling our wine to consumers for consumption on these premises.

  • Selling directly in the estate

As part of our selling strategy, we shall sell the wine directly to the consumer in our estate. Instead of going through the supply chain, we shall reach our consumers directly with the purpose of boosting wine sales. In all the selling strategies, we will give our customers great deals, that is, coupons, exclusive offers, and post-offs with the purpose of attracting and retaining more customers.