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Part 1: HR Plan

  1. Introduction

Human resource management will play an important role in UrPhone4Everything®. It will not only help the company realize its mission but also help it in realizing the vision. Having a human resource plan is crucial for every organization. A strategic and focused HR plan helps organizations to achieve set organizational goals, and handle current and future human resource needs (Samwel, 2018). With the human resource plan, the organization will be able to manage all its activities as it works on the new contract and with other customers as well.

The HR plan includes roles and responsibilities of the company’s team members and staffing management plan which includes recruitment and selection strategy, training programs, compensation, and assessment plan. The purpose of this plan is making sure that right human resources are acquired, necessary training is offered for efficiency, team-building strategies are defined, and activities are well managed all aimed at enabling the company to achieve success.

  • Role and Responsibilities

Role refers to a description of the part a team member is accountable for in an organization. Responsibility refers to the work an individual team member is expected to perform with the purpose of completing the assigned task (Samwel, 2018).  The roles and responsibilities of the organization play an integral role in the realization of its vision. Every team member must have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibly to effectively perform their task. For the UrPhone4Everything®, the following team roles and responsibilities have been identified;

General Manager (1 position)

Will be responsible for the overall success of the company’s activities. The manager will be responsible for guiding the allocation of budget resources, policy formulation, business operations’ coordination, staff monitoring and motivation, vendor engagement, customer service, and recruitment and selection.

Design Engineer (5 positions)

Will be responsible for installing the customized mobile controlled solutions. The design engineers will be responsible for coding of the app and integration with the systems around the house, hardware purchase and installation, and website management. 

Functional manager (1 position)

Will be responsible for providing required resources based on the staffing plan. Will work with the general manager in determining the set of skills required and assigning the resources, the functional manager will also conduct performance appraisals.

Receptionist (1 position)

Will be responsible for addressing all customer queries. Will also organize appointments, managing filing systems, and other front office tasks.

  • Staff Management

Recruitment and selection strategy

Recruitment is an important function in HR planning (Samwel, 2018). For the UrPhone4Everything®, the right people will be hired with the required skills, good personality, and right attitude. Outsourcing and referral will be used in recruiting. The recruiting and selection process will be equitable and fair and diversity will be considered.

Training programs

Training will be scheduled for current as well as new employees to enhance their skills (Samwel, 2018). This will be funded by the organization with the purpose of ensuring that every employee has the capacity to work efficiently. This will enable the company to provide only quality service.


Every employee will be compensated with the basic pay wage rates in accordance with the industry standards. Vacation leaves and sick leave will be provided in accordance with the set standards. Additionally, all employees will receive additional pay in profit sharing annually. Other reward items and recognition will be offered throughout the working as a source of motivation for all employees (Samwel, 2018).

Assessment plan

New, as well as current employees, will be evaluated after every three months to determine their progress. This will enable the employees to know if they are performing as per the expectations of the company. Feedback will be provided to every employee. This way, better strategies are adopted to promote appropriate completion of assigned tasks (Aslam et al., 2013).

Part 2: Memo

Importance of HR policy

  1. Introduction

HR policy provides a guide that is written for employees as well as managers on how to handle various employment issues. Policy refers to a formal statement of a rule that members are expected to follow in an organization. HR policy plays an integral role in the practical and effective implementation of HR strategy. Additionally, HR policy provides transparency and consistency for employers and employees and help in improving the psychological contract, creating an organizational culture that is positive. HR policy is important because it boosts employee confidence, supports strategic direction, and helps in mitigating risks. However, for it to be effective it must cover various ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns such as wages and hours, Equality act 2010, maternity and family leave, and employment termination.

  • Importance of HR policy

Boost employee confidence

When employees are given a written HR policy, their job satisfaction, morale, and confidence are enhanced. Otherwise, without the policy, the employees will not be assured of their safety in the working environment. This would create uncertainty among the employees. As a result, the company may experience turnover due to poor job satisfaction (Purcell et al., 2003). Studies show that employees who are satisfied with their job are happier associated with increased productivity (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Having an HR policy will enable the company to make clear its practices in relation to payments, employee safety, and promotion.

Supporting strategic direction

HR policies also support the strategic direction of an organization. Eventually, the company’s growth is supported as well as its ability to sustain operations. For instance, UrPhone4Everything®’s vision is becoming the market leader in intelligent home control. HR policies provide guidelines to hire employees who are highly-skilled providing exceptional service (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Therefore, HR policy is crucial in benchmarking the company’s success. Additionally, with HR policies that support the company’s vision and mission, job satisfaction is enhanced associated with the achievement of the company’s overall goals.

Risk mitigation

HR policy helps in risk mitigation. With HR policy, an organization is protected from liabilities especially from accusations of unfair employment practices. Since many HR policies are related to the obligations of the company under local and federal laws and regulations, they are very important. Having the policies demonstrates that the company pays according to applicable laws (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Additionally, HR policies, for instance, those that prohibit discrimination serve as a source of legal defense in case anyone ever claims that the company engaged in unfair practices in employment.

Covering the following ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns within HR policy is important for UrPhone4Everything® because it will help mitigate risks. The first concern is wages and hours. According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), organizations have to adhere to prescribed standards for overtime and wages. Employers are required to pay their employees at least the minimum wages as per the federal standards (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). They are also to pay covered employees with overtime pay of one and a half times the regular pay rate.

Second, HR policy should cover the Equality act 2010. This act serves as the legal protection of people from any form of discrimination in the workplace. By covering this act, the company will prevent any form of discrimination including discrimination based on age, gender, race, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, religion, and disability (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). For disabled people, employers are expected to make sensible modifications during their recruitment, selection, induction, and promotion. The employer is expected to make necessary adjustments to help people with disability to overcome any challenges that may result from their impairment (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Covering this concern also means avoiding harassment or victimization of any form in employment. This is at every stage of the employer-employee relationship including recruitment stage and termination.

The third concern to cover in HR policy is maternity and family leave. According to labor laws and regulations, employees have a right to six months of ordinary maternity leave plus an additional six months of maternity leave (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Employees are entitled to at least 2 weeks leave after child delivery. After maternity leave, a woman is entitled to return to her work on the same terms and conditions (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). This is unless the employee is not practically able to resume her old position. In such a case, the employee is entitled to an appropriate and suitable job with favorable terms and conditions. Eligible fathers are also entitled to paternity leave for two weeks.

The fourth concern to address in HR policy is employment termination. According to labor laws and regulations, employers must give employees notice of termination. This is with an exception of gross misconduct (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). The length of the notice period depends on a signed contract which is subject to statutory standards. Employees who have provided their services for more than two years are protected against unfair dismissal. Dismissal occurs when an employee’s contract is terminated, either with or without notice or when an employer breaches contract with the employee (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014). Additional, it is considered legally unfair to dismiss an employee because of health and safety issues, maternity or family issues, for being involved in trade union issues, for requesting flexible working, or for making a protected disclosure.

  • Conclusion

Clearly, HR policy is very important for UrPhone4Everything®. It boosts employee confidence, supports strategic direction, and helps in mitigating risks. However, for it to be effective it must cover various ethical, legal, and regulatory concerns such as wages and hours, Equality act 2010, maternity and family leave, and employment is this important that time is taken to develop HR policy for the company.


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