Stakeholder Interests and Concerns

Stakeholder Interests and Concerns

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Various stakeholders are involved in Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). First, the funding agencies, Federal, State, and County Governments. Second stakeholders are those affected directly by the outcome of the program, the needy families. Third are the organizational groups (Administration for Children and Families (ACF), 2019). These are internal stakeholders influenced by the program. Fourth participants are functional managers who manage various operations. Fifth stakeholders are business partners. These are individuals or organizations that hire eligible needy families (ACF, 2019). Government regulators are the sixth stakeholders. Also, the general public has a great interest in program outcomes.

Each of these types of stakeholders would be most interested in certain program outcomes and have different concerns too (King & Stevahn, 2013). The program sponsors would be most interested in the success of the project goals. Their concern would be having to push the budget over limits. The needy families would be most interested in getting assistance with the main concern for losing this source of assistance. The organizational groups would be more interested in getting their payments. Their main concern would be the loss of job opportunities. The functional managers would be interested in job promotion with the main concern for poor job performance.

Business partners would be interested in accessing eligible employees. Their concern would be the engagement of beneficiaries of the program in work activities. Government regulators would be most interested in the success of the program with the main concern for a misappropriation of the funds.  Lastly, the general public would be more interested in the achievement of the program goals (ACF, 2019). Their main concern would be the promotion of dependency on federal assistance. The interests of the different stakeholders could conflict. For example, if functional managers push organizational groups for program success, they may achieve their interests and leave staff demoralized.


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