The Analysis Exercise Of Images

The Analysis Exercise Of Images




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             The images around us have the power to communicate something or express an idea. They can make us joyful, sorrowful and sometimes it can make us feel revulsion. Moreover, most pictures will tend to speak more than words can do since people can draw a lot of information from one single picture and make an analysis with them. Using the four pictures in the article given we can derive a massive of information and therefore the ability to make conclusions about the message intended for clarification or sometimes for making assertions (Al-Rousan,2007).

           The image 1 in the article will clearly show an interview. This medium may have been used during an interview lesson to show haste, to verify these the person is dressed neatly and is rushing somewhere. The second image shows some emotion, the lady in the picture may have lost a job interview, and this probably will make some people emotional (Grahn,2007). The third picture represents a man climbing and trying to see what is in that house, this image may be used in a court case in the event of any theft cases reported, and hence this picture is an interrogative model. Lastly, the fourth image indicates a man holding a big piece of wood, the time is also during the night hours, and this is probably an interrogative picture in a court case.


                   All the images in the article is a representation of something that is meant to pass information, or sometimes to represent an idea probably in the courts. The first two pictures or images indicates some lessons intended for learning; a teacher can use them to give and pass the information about haste on the day of an interview, the second picture may have been used to tell the disappointment of the person in the first image (schindelin,2012). The last two images are bad pictures showing bad habits in the society among the young people.

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