Ways Explanatory, Predictive And Prescriptive Studies Reflect Theory

Ways Explanatory, Predictive And Prescriptive Studies Reflect Theory




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           A theory is a well- substantiated belief, policy or procedures that are proposed and may be followed as the basis of action. For this theory to be accepted by any organization or to be proved it must go through a series of logical steps to qualify its action (Fischer,2010). These steps are the explanation, predictive analogy, and prescriptive analogy. In any work involving theory, the above studies are very vital since they help to give taste to the facts and therefore to increase the reliability and sense of the events placed by the studies.

        The descriptive studies involve giving light to a raw data so as to make it interpretable by humans (Patton,2010). It is mostly used by the researcher and perhaps students who may want to present their results to the leaders to enhance clarity, all of the existing theories depends so much on explanation concept. Another important studies involve the use of predictive measures; it helps in making the theory relevant and with importance since it provides an organization with actionable insights based on the formed data. Lastly, the prescriptive studies that tend to provide possible actions and guidance towards achieving the solution.


               All the organizations existing in the society have research departments to give information to their firms. These departments after conducting their research, they use essays in the form of theories as part of their findings to express the results. Therefore the body making up the method discussed above is relevance for the reflection of the theory and hence to the whole research project. These, therefore, tells us that the theory depends on the three studies which are explanatory, prescriptive and predictive (Fischer,2010).

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