he Power Of Innovation And Human Resource Strategy

The Power Of Innovation And Human Resource Strategy




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                                                       Military organization

Just like any other organization around us in the economic environment, the military department also faces challenges that need a proper decision making. This medium implies that the strategies required for the efficient running of other organizations need to be applied to this office as well. The two researchers Mavin and Alex comes out with several methods and indicators of human resource strategies. The outstanding issue that they talk about is the aspect of doing benchmarking to other organization of the same field to improve the quality of performance. This medium can be so effective in this society by paying a visit to the nearby military departments to learn from them.  In addition to the benchmarking our organization should be able to develop ideas from the learning sources and put them together since ideas are the DNA of any organization (Naranjo-Valencia, 2011).

                                                             The Synopsis

The economic environment is undergoing a lot of rapid changes which is as a result of globalization, changing customer and investors demands (Naranjo-Valencia, 2011). To gain and thrive in this environment, the organization needs to improve their performance by reducing costs, improving innovation and creation of ideas to improve the quality and productivity of the products. Moreover, the article indicates the people who make up the organization (Human resource team) are considered very much relevant to the firms. To gain the advantage over this competitive environment, the manager should consider working on the employees.

The strategic human resource management represents relatively new changes in the field of human resource management. It is concerned with the performance by mainly focusing on the arrangement of the team. However, human resource management roles have faced a lot of challenges in justifying its stand in the organizations. This situation happens when the groups go through a financial crisis, the first cutbacks will be from the employees training and other services given by the team. This medium has significantly affected the human resource management departments which are considered the backbone of any organization (Naranjo-Valencia, 2011).

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