The Organization Accrediting Health Care In Saudi Arabia

The Organization Accrediting Health Care In Saudi Arabia


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The health organization in the society probably deserves to be regulated and controlled to make sure that they are in line with the standards required by the accreditation organizations. These organizations are usually volunteer groups that are managed by the NGO. They are imperative in any societal set-up since their main work is to make sure that the health providers are giving the right services to the society. In addition to this, they also check the qualification of the health providers (Almalki, 2011).

In Saudi Arabia, the existing accreditation body is known as the Central Board of Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (CBAHI) and was established to formulate and implement quality standards in all the health providers and sectors all over the nation. For example in the year 2010, the minister of health established a rule that made sure that the private and government hospitals in the country obtained accreditation from different organizations (Alkhenizan,2010). However, the group also worked to check the standards on how the consent of the patients was involved to make sure that their rights to be treated was kept. Perhaps, the patients in the umbrella of the community benefited from this organizations since their rights were reserved.


The people of the Saudi Arabia and other developing countries have gained from the services of these non-profit organization. Their effects have been felt all over the nations moving across the borders. The nurses could now attain the training services from the government, and also the payments to their services were now being paid without any problem. This has enabled the community, the government and the patients to cooperate effectively without any problem (Alkhenizan, 2010).

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