The Affordable Care Act In The Health Facilities

The Affordable Care Act In The Health Facilities

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Centers for Innovation

The innovation center was established by the social security act (The Affordable care act). It was created to allow the Medicare and Medicaid programs to test models with the aim of improving the care, lower costs and better align payment systems to support patients- oriented practices. The primary purpose was to come up with the innovative payment and the service delivery formula to reduce the program expenditure. The centers ensure a careful evaluation of the innovative reforms efforts widely used in the private health cares. Additionally, it’s unique in its capability to develop provider and proposed approaches and quickly adjust the models in responses to feedback from the clinicians and the patients (Davis & Stremikis, 2011).

The Affordable care act led to the development of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation established to identify, test and probably spread new payment reforms and service delivery models (Davis & Stremikis, 2011). The second innovation was the Patient-centered outcome research institute which is also charged with the role of improving the quality, relevance and helping to ensure that the research results are useful to the frontline clinicians. The third was the National Strategy for quality improvement in health care which was designed to make sure that the providers and government are working toward the same goal: ensures that communities are healthier and lower overall health cost. Others are the Medicare –Medicaid Coordination Office.

The Accountable Care Organization model depended on the use of modern technology and was established with the aim to come up with the shared saving program with the improvement of the quality measures from diabetes care to depression screening and also for automatic enrolment of large employees. For the data to be transferred from one system to another, the system must use the modern transmission systems and software like the computers to enable data storage and data transfer (Protection & Act, 2010).

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