The individual and group strength

The individual and group strength

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The quality and exemplary performance of our team have been because of the strength of our members.  The groups have displayed a great sense of strength towards executing and influencing in all the aspects that pertain the success of the team. Through execution, the team has managed to assign duties to each of the members to ensure that each group member understands their role in the provision of services. These qualities have enabled the team to achieve beyond expectation and have nearly spread to all the healthcare globally. The excellent performance, performance and group manifesto have also added (Rath, 2007).


The group has a dominant strength in this domain since the team members have exhibited their skills and roles in the achievement of a particular solution. Whenever a problem arises, the team will come together in solemn and make distinctive decisions to counter the problem. Moreover, due to the recent falls we have heard, our group has a strategy to assist in to cover up the situation. This medium involves a 24-hour survey system that will be able to monitor and check on every fall around the area. Additionally, we can initiate different strategies as far as the problem is concerned due to the corporation of the team members (Rath, 2007).


Apart from the excellent execution, our team is innately good at influencing (Rath, 2007). We have the exemplary the quality of selling teams ideas inside and outside the organization. Everyone in our team has the capability to take charge and speak positively on the group. The team has a proper coordination network that can handle any problem that might arise on the way. Due to this, will sell our services to the public and our respondent clients and make sure that they have understood how to avoid and manage falls if it occurs.

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