Qualitative analysis process

Qualitative analysis process





Hey, first of all, I want to appreciate for allowing me to give my thought about your article you uploaded and to respond to it by giving out my views. I want to say that the article was excellent as compared to the others that have come across. The comments provided by your colleagues definitely may vary regarding idea development since you know that we don’t think the same but have various thoughts. According to me the description of the qualitative analysis was states according to the instructions given. The article says that the process allows the formulation of recommendations and conclusions among other things as the role of the analysis. Just like any other method of analysis is preceded by massive interpretation and the findings to complete the task of the analysis. The collected or gathered data from the fields are used to generate a final idea that is possible for people to make conclusions about the research process.

Moreover, the article has worked well by citing and making use of the reference required. When we look through the whole article, definitely we see various applications and quotes from the sources. For example, we see Froiland used in the study of the long-term effects of parental involvement and the parental expectation in the United States of America. The process has a well-flowing analysis of the processes from one stage to the other by incorporating what is intended of the whole process of analysis with different views and methods of the correct analysis. The article has also included the use of thematic analysis as a general idea for the whole process by using the various analytical tools like the interviews and others as mentioned in the uploaded article and states by Froiland & Davison, (n.d).


Froiland, J., Peterson, A., & Davison, M. (n.d). The long-term effects of early parent involvement and parent expectation in the USA. School Psychology International, 34(1), 33-50.