Child Development Research

Child Development Research






Perhaps, there are a lot of events that takes place when children are playing in the field or during classes that can be observed and deduced. The participants in this study were children of between 7-10 years and are playing football with three people in each pair while others are outside the field cheering. The kids were jumping from one point to another, some exchanging words and others involved in fights among each other’s. One of the common languages they used were native abusive words to show disconnect to the other opponent team (Pollard & Lee, 2003).

One time after the games, two ladies involved in a fight that and when I moved closer to ask why I was told a surprising response that they were fighting because one of the ladies looked at the other with some ‘’ sad eyes’’. Sometimes I would see some parents who are passing by intervening and stopping the fight. However, one day a mother came and found some children struggling and it seems one of the boys was hers. She took the cane and begun chasing the kids while smuggling them as they run. Most of the children especially the boys were getting angry very first and one misunderstanding would lead to fighting efficiently while the ladies seemed to be a bit stronger on getting upset although their struggle was so noisy and would attract many people to the scene (Pollard & Lee, 2003).

Physical aspect

When children grow and become more physically stable, they will automatically involve themselves in vigorous activities like games and perhaps others will engage in fights to release some of the energy stored within their body. Moreover, they become talkative using abusive words that do make other people angry and then lead to a fight. We learned in class that as the child grows and becomes stronger and healthy, the physical activity also increases and that is why most of them become more aggressive and engage in fights without any consideration or rather any objective reasoning. According to the children, a physical fight is a superior solution to anything that has led to some disagreement or discontent.  Most of the boys engage in these activities to make them release the excess energy that seems to be available to them and makes them be ready to fight any moment when abused (Steinberg, Vandell & Bornstein,2010).

Cognitive development

Additionally, during the growing stage of children especially around ten years, the kid becomes more active in mind and can perceive a wrong thing and a good thing. That is why they get too curious and begins to try one another to find out what they can do when abused and who the best regarding abuses is; this is common among the ladies. The cognitive behavior is more common in the infants when they are developing. During the class, we discussed the cognitive behavior of children especially when they are going through some developmental stages in life (Ginsburg, 2007). They tend to ask a lot of questions, and their activities are based on the facts that are related to finding out something or adventure. The act of experience and knowing the behavior of others and more to understand the people they are living with may make them do those kinds of activities like abusing one another, just to see how the people around them will react to the incident. To confirm this, I do recall one of the children in the playground after abusing the other child who was very furious and ready to fight. However, the child managed to calm the other by telling him that he was just joking and that he was not serious.

The socio-emotional skill interact

A tremendous amount of socio-emotional development takes place mostly during the early stages of child’s development. Children at the age of 7 onwards may not find easy getting along with others especially their fellow children at school. During classes, we learn that the children at this age become more emotional to small things and may react differently to situation and events. To confirm this, in the research, it was found that the children were able to get emotional when abused by other kids or perhaps when the other person celebrates or look at them in a manner suggesting or indicating some abuse. According to the study, one child engaged the other in a fight when the other looked at her with disrespect. These show an extreme emotional rise to events. However, something that comes out clearly that the children are very much social and that is why they can play together most of the time and form groups and engages I n competition aspects just like other people. These processes enable us to understand the children more and more and impose the right punishment in the case we find out that they are misbehaving with the other kids by exercising some kinds of bullying. The developing process of children is an essential stage of development (Pollard & Lee, 2003).


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