Overall Reflection on NGM

Overall Reflection on NGM

In the very beginning of this portfolio, I would like to share that I belong to Saudi Aria and came to Ireland to complete my higher education. The experience was wonderful and I have gained some lifelong learning. Regarding Next Generational Management module, I would say that it provided me the best practical experience as due to this module I got an opportunity to interact with a number of professionals working in the heart of the business world. This module comprised of four themes: Personal & Career Development, Business and Society, Digital and lastly, Research. I attended events, seminars, lectures, workshops, did a survey, assignments, DICE, appeared in the exam and above all taught some members of the Irish community. The action part in every POD helped me in making resolutions to take practical steps in accordance with my learning experience.

In the very start to be honest, I was confused that how I will do 40 PODs for NGM
as there were also other subjects, regular classes, assignments, presentations and exam. In all this it was really challenging to attend events and lectures for NGM and then writing the reflection. However, I managed and took benefit from all activities. I made a routine that immediately after attending an event or a workshop for NGM, I used to write down all the points at one place so when I compiled those points properly in the form of PODs, I did not face many difficulties.

I had been living in Ireland for three years, but I never got an opportunity to interact with Irish community except with my teachers at the university. NGM provide me this unique opportunity through Intergenerational learning programme included in Business and Society. It was a great chance to interact with elderly people of Irish society and teaching them how to use an iPhone. Besides this, I gained the confidence that I can teach others. Their success in this attempt boosted my confidence in myself and I found myself talking with them on general topics in a free way. Therefore, this activity helped me in coming out of my shell and interacting with others. Also, I learnt that same type of voluntary projects can be carried out in the educational institutions of my home country as well.

When I attended the events like Swipe Summit and Dublin Beta, then I realised that there is so much happening in the world of digital technology. Although I have an interest in technology but I can not call myself a tech savvy person. Therefore, I got amazed when I interacted with people in these events. Dublin Beta inspired me as I saw the participants attending the event with their innovative projects. The reports say that in Ireland there is a serious digital skills gap but while there in Dublin Beta, I


thought that that Irish people have an impressive command on digital innovation. It may be because I have not attended such events in places like Germany, France, and USA, etc. Swipe Summit had arranged speakers who were using the new media and digital technology for business purposes. They talked about using different social media platforms to increase customer engagement.

NGM also made me read two interesting books and watch two movies. In personal development PODs, the book that I chose was The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It has made a great impact on me especially I am trying to develop a good listening skill so that instead of always making myself to be listened by people I also listen to them. I have felt that this habit brings a great change in both family and social life. Then in Business and Society PODs I read a book titled ‘Lean In’ by Sharyl Sandberg. It revealed on me the fact that even women working in high profile corporate sector face difficulties and discrimination. I found this writer very honest and straight forward. The movies were Enron, The Smartest Guys in the Room, an eye opener that tells you that how a company that has corrupt culture collapses in such a short time. The other movie was ‘Inside Job’ which explores the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. I admit that if I was not having NGM module I would not have read these two books or watched these movies. Both of these films highlighted the fact that a business can not be separated from society.

Doing the research PODs was another unique opportunity that came my way through NGM. As I have to do a research project at the end of the year therefore, I was extra vigilant and conscious while attending talks or workshops related to this POD. I always struggle with Harvard Referencing but attending the session How to avoid Plagiarism and RefWorks offered me a permanent solution of this issue. Now I can use RefWorks, a web-based citation manager that allows the user to compile, edit and format bibliographies by importing references directly from library databases, the library catalogue, Google Scholar and other websites or by entering them manually and inserting them into the finished paper. It will be a great help in my dissertation. Likewise, critical writing and critical thinking workshops will also help me.

The word CSR (corporate social responsibility) resonated a number of times while doing business and society PODs. Corporate Social Responsibility has become so prominent not only in the academic world but also in everyday life. We do not need to go in remote past when businesses were only concerned with their own development ignoring the well being of their customers, workers and the society in general. Consequences of business activities on the environment were also not a matter of great concern. However, now the time has changed,


and CSR has gained an overwhelming response. Now businesses are showing great concern towards improving their business behaviour. They have started linking the corporate behaviour with the social responsibility. They are also becoming aware of the importance of protecting the environment. According to Crowther and Aras (2008), there are three main principles of CSR: Accountability, Transparency and Sustainability.

I also got Google AdWords certificate by taking an online exam of AdWords Fundamental. The preparation for this exam enhanced my understanding of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In today’s competitive market investing in SEO has become more important than ever before as good SEO practices improve the user experience and the usability of a website. According to Carrel (2013), ‘optimisation is especially important where there is a lot of competition. If you do not come near the top of the maps listing, you most definitely need a well-optimised site.’

Now when I look back I feel proud and excited that in such a short time period I have gained a great wealth of experience that will immensely help me in my professional life. I already have thirteen years of work experience but I admit that this one year of Masters from DCU has equipped me with more expertise and understanding than my long work experience. I also feel privileged that I got the chance to study in Ireland and meet such dynamic personalities who will inspire me for long. NGM has changed me on both forefronts: personal and professional. I learnt many things like communication skills, listening skills, time management, teamwork, research skills and so on. Above all, the way I completed this portfolio I learnt that nothing is impossible. Even such seemingly huge tasks can be accomplished with hard work and good time management. Besides, in my professional life, I will be much better in managing my time and interacting with my fellow workers. In short I will say NGM has been a great learning and life changing the experience.