Reflection on Next Generational Management

Reflection on Next Generational Management






Perhaps, at the beginning of this regime, I would take this time to say that I am from Saudi and I came to Dublin just to study and complete my higher education. The experience was so good and enjoyable, and I managed to acquire some lifelong techniques. Based on the nest generational management module, I would like to say it enabled me to get the best practical experience that is due to the module which perhaps helped me to in getting the opportunity to interact with some professionals in the school who were working in the heart of the business world. The module comprises of several themes: personal and career development, the business and society and perhaps research. I did attend most of the events such as the seminars, lectures, the assignment, DICE and probably managed to teach some members from our community about some materials. Moreover, the action in taking part in every POD assisted me in making the resolution to ensure that I take practical steps by my learning experience that is related to what I was doing in school (Blowfield, & Murray, 30).

To be honest, the start of the project was full of confusion on how to combine the 40 PODs and the other essential activities like the regular classes, assignments, presentation and exams that I could not even avoid to perform other activities. In all this, it was tough to attend events such the lectures for the NGM and then writing the reflection that I was supposed to do as part of my work. However, I did manage to take the benefits of all the activities in school. I made a routine that immediately after attending the events or the workshop for the NGM; I managed to write down the points at one place, so when I compiled the appropriately in the form of the PODs and this I could not face any problem when performing the task (Blowfield, & Murray, 30).

I have been living in Dublin for three years, but unfortunately, I never got an opportunity to interact with the people around the school and who were coming from the same culture, however, associated with my teachers who were at the university. The NGM provided me with the best opportunity through intergenerational learning program that encompasses some subjects like business and society. It was a good thing to interact with the people and the community around and teaching them how to use iPhone, and this helped me to gain confidence that perhaps I can manage to show other people and maybe share some skills that I had.  Their success and thrive in these areas I was teaching them, enabled me to gain confidence in me and I found myself talking to them about another topic of interest in a freeway and without any problem. Therefore, the activity assisted me a lot by making me come out of the comfort zones and move on to interact with the other people in the society within the school (Blowfield, & Murray, 30). Moreover, I managed to learn that there some activities like the voluntary projects that needed to be established within the educational centers in my home country where am coming from.

When I attended the events like the Dublin beta and swiped summit, I realized that there no much happening in the digital technology. Although I have a passion and interest in technology, I cannot call myself a tech savvy person. However, I got surprised when I started interacting with the people in the events I attended. The Dublin beta motivated me a lot when I saw the participants attending the events with their innovative projects in life. The reports were given out states that, in Ireland, there is a serious digital skill gap compared to the one that is present in the Dublin Beta. I thought that the Irish people have a well and organized command on the digital technology about the innovation. These may be because I have not attended most of the events in places like the France, Germany and USA. The swipe summit had introduced speakers who were using the new technology that had come and the digital technology media for the business only. They talked about using the different social media platform to enable an increase in the customer engagement.

NGM also helped to read two books one of them called Noam Chomsky and watch a movie about capitalism. For the sake of the personal development PODs, the book that I chose was the Freakonomics; a rogue economist to explore the hidden sides of everything. This impacted my life so much since it helps me to practice good listening skills so that instead of just making myself available to be listening to, I will take some time also to listen to other people in the society. These made me find out that the habit can bring a great positive change in both the family and the social life.

Consequently, in business and society PODs, I read a book’’ lean in 2’’ written by Sheryl Sandberg which revealed to me that women despite working in the high profile sectors, they do face difficulties and discrimination just like any other woman in the society. The writer was very honest and straight forward, and this made me read the book even more and more. The movies that I watched were Enron the smartest guy in the room, an eye opener that would tell you how a company that is corrupt will collapse with time. I want to say that if I did not have the NGM module, I wouldn’t have read the books or watched the movies. All of the films I watched brought the idea about compactness and inseparable of the society and business.

Performing the research PODs was another opportunity that happened to come my way through the NGM.  As I have to do research through the end of the year, I was much extra careful while attending the talks or the workshops that were related to the PODs. I have always struggled with Harvard referencing, however attending the classes on how to avoid plagiarism and referencing works gave me a permanent solution to the problem that I had.  Presently, I can use RefWorks, a well-based citation manager, which allows a person to compile, edit and perhaps format bibliographies by importing references directly from the databases. The goggle scholar and other sites were also useful by entering them manually into the finished paper. Otherwise critical writing and critical thinking will also be of help to me.

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) comes out rapidly sometimes while doing business and society in PODs. These have become an academic importance to the world affecting the daily lives of people. We don’t need to go back to the past society where the businesses were only interested in their only development and neglecting well-being of the clients, workers and the society in general. The adverse outcomes of business activities on the environment were also not something to be considered but thanks to the changes that has occurred where the CRS has gained an overwhelming response. Presently, the businesses are showing great concern over the corporate behavior by linking the organizational behavior and social responsibility. They are also becoming aware of the importance of protecting the environment. According to (Crowthers & Aras, 433-448), there are three primary principles of CRS: accountability, transparency, and sustainability.

One of the achievements that I got includes a Google award certificate by taking an online exam on the Adwords fundamentals. In preparation for this exam enabled me in the understanding of SEM (search engine marketing) and SEO (Search engine optimization). In the present competitive market, SEO has become much of importance than before since it improves the user experience and the usability of the website. According to (Carrel, 46) optimization is imperative where there are a lot of competitions.

Now am very much glad that in that short period, I have gathered a massive wealth of experience that will greatly help me in my field of profession. I have thirteen years of experience though one of the masters has enabled me to get a lot of information about the society and business. I do also feel that I got a chance to study in Ireland where I learned a lot of things including the communication skills and hard work through massive study skills. And now I will be much better in managing my time and interacting with my colleagues effectively without any problem. In a nutshell, I want to say that NGM has been a good place to study and has changed my life.


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