Business plan and objectives

Business plan and objectives





The subsidiary company

The subsidiary company will be performing several roles in the university. First, the company is expected to take part in the development of the students’ support systems like the library, student centers, and others; it will finance and make plans by the expectation of the students to make life easy and comfortable in the university especially for students. Second, it is expected to improve the student services. Besides the addition of some student service centers the company is supposed to improve the existing ones by enhancing their conditions for example if they are old, the company is expected to make arrangement for painting them and making the services available and of quality to the students. Third, is to support the university administration in planning for the whole process like the addition of lecture halls and also purchasing of the more sits for the students and many others to make learning easy and effective for the students and also for the lectures to teach effectively. The all objective of the process is making learning smooth to the students and improving the face of the University (Langley, Moen, Nolan, Nolan, Norman, & Provost, 2009).

The development plan

From the start of 2017, the subsidiary company based on the objectives and powers given by the University will perform the following duties. The accommodation for the students both in the male and female sections does not have enough rooms. This is based on the complaints by the students from both sides that they want at least each room to host two people as opposed to four. Based on this, the company has decided to add some three more buildings on both campuses to meet the expected number of two students per room (Langley, Moen, Nolan, Nolan, Norman, & Provost, 2009).

 In addition to these, there will be renovation activities for the whole campuses on the beginning of the following year to facelift the campus and also an addition of canteens to avoid overcrowding that is happening on the male campuses (Langley, Moen, Nolan, Nolan, Norman, & Provost, 2009). The food courts will be improved according to the request from the staff and students. We have noticed that the food courts that are there are not in good condition especially on the female’s side. The company intends to hire specialized and trained cooks to improve the terms of the food stuff. Moreover, new furniture and other necessary equipment will be brought and the food subsidized to make affordable to whole students and also special foods will be introduced (Langley, Moen, Nolan, Nolan, Norman, & Provost, 2009).

Consequently, the bookstore that is available is in a bad condition and the books are not fitting well in the shelves. The shelves will be added to provide the additional books that are currently arriving at the university. Other support staff to maintain the place will be employed coming the following year. The health centers and the gym in both campuses will be renovated, and more equipment added. Some students have complained about insufficient medicines and the staff laxity to attend to the patients in time. Based on this, there is more supply of drugs to meet the needs of the students (Langley, Moen, Nolan, Nolan, Norman, & Provost, 2009). On the other hand, the company will ensure that each campus has cellphone services from the reliable companies like the Samsung to plant a cell repair unit and to sell a franchise to help the students’ access the services quickly when they seek to renovate or perhaps change their phone or maybe the screen. The company has more to improve, and we believe this will meet the expectation of the students and staff to improve learning.


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