Inter-professional Collaboration for Improving Practice

Inter-professional Collaboration for Improving Practice





Doctor of nursing practice

Most of the health cares have been led through the traditional practices which include the poor communication aspects and leadership in planning and organizing the patients. The traditional practices have resulted in the poor services because most of the employed nurses in the health do not have relevant skills to handle some important aspects of the department (Zaccagnini & White, 2017). However, based on the knowledge and skills that I have acquired during my training in the doctor of nursing practice (DNP), will be able to allow me to make some transformational changes in the traditional practices existing in the health cares. Therefore, based on the information of the IT, I will be able to improve the communication systems like the automatic recording systems for keeping the records of patients and also the installation of advanced machines for performing tests like the chemotherapy for the patients which is still not available in the traditional practices. The DNP came to improve the present conditions of poor health provision based on lack of information.

The program review and course outcomes

First, the DNPs have the right about the organization systems, educational preparation and the leadership skills that is very much essential in helping the quality development and improvement in the community for the sake of the patients. Therefore, the program that was developed by the coalition about the evidence-based policy and other practices in the nursing department, which have made advanced and trained nurses suitable for the role and duties. Moreover, the review of the successful with the trending reduction in hospital readmission which is an evidence of a strong and efficient organizational to the patient’s centered care and the perhaps the economic improvement of the leadership who have implemented the idea to better the patient care (Zaccagnini & White, 2017).

The DNPs graduates have been taught to apply the patient-centered care by transforming the evidence-based practices and the adequate information from the seats to the betterment of the health care outcomes. Moreover, the DNPs have the inter-professional collaboration with other well trained for skills and information for the patients and perhaps the population health care outcomes (Chamberlain College of Nursing, 2017). The borrowing of the skills has the effect of making some good transformation for the sake of improving the conditions in the health care for the interests of the patients. In a nutshell, the review revealed to aspects of the poor quality, and that is the lack of information technology for an improved communication and the clinicians working in the silos and hence making the patients suffer and get poor services.


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