Leadership In the workplace

Leadership In the workplace





Question 1

The high performance in the workplaces is significant for the survival of the business and is being executed by the leaders. Therefore, a manager is supposed to define the direction, the purpose, priorities, the goals and the roles or purpose of the workforce in the firm. Despite giving direction, they are supposed to be hiring the best workers who can execute the duties and also fire or discipline some of the employees who don’t work in line with the purpose and goals of the business. Therefore, it vivid that even the best employees cannot function well without the presence of any leader since leaders are the vision bearers (Chandrasekar, 2011).

Question 2

Communication is the act of passing information from one person to another using a given medium. Clear communication is the one which is effective and can be understood easily. For the leaders to pass the information they have and execute them there must be some aspect of communication between them to make the workers get the instructions (Chandrasekar, 2011). The performance of the company will entirely depend on the workers getting clear instructions from the leaders and performing the expected tasks.

Question 3

Trust is the mother or the foundation of the relationship that is vital in the performance of the business. Trust creates a good behavior, and that is why where there are trust and the good rapport, the workers will do the task they were hired for and do it perfectly due to the aspect of their relationship with the leader. Therefore, the whole process will make the firm productive in all its activities. Trust is gained when the workers are paid in time and when they are not overworked or forced do perform some tasks which they didn’t agree on earlier (Chandrasekar, 2011).


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