Rogers Phonological Theory

Rogers Phonological Theory





The phenomenological concept

Due to his work as a psychotherapist, Carl Rodgers managed to develop his theory of personality which is basically for an individual to become’’ fully and functioning’’ person. According to Rogers, a fully functioning person is one who is psychologically healthy, open to new experiences and is always aware of their feeling s as well as the feelings of others in the society (Rogers, 2012). Besides that, they live in the present, fully immersed in their experience and are not always restricted to the condition of worth or the self-concept that is basically about understanding yourself. These people are not always afraid to make decisions on their experiences, and they usually believe on their feelings of doing what is right and will always be ready to accept the incoming consequences based on the decision they make. These people always recognize that in life there are changes and always welcome any opportunity that comes their way by using creativity to adopt the new changes that arise.

According to Rogers, self-concept is based on the perception of themselves based on other people in their surroundings (Rogers, 2012). The concept applies fully into my past and present life. It has always been my habit to believe that which my close friend or my mentor would say about me whether negative or positive. Some years back in my third grade, my friend told me that life is challenging and from that moment I developed that perception and lived with it. This came to an end when I met my present mentor in the University who gave me a different understanding about life and how it is easy and depends on how you look at it, this changed me for better until I begun to make it in life.


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