Taking a New Job While Still working Part-Time

Taking a New Job While Still working Part-Time







Subject:  A request to allow me for a part-time job in your Company

Dear Madam,

I am writing the email to request your approval for partly leaving the job in your business in the next two weeks. I have worked with your company for five years now, and I dearly appreciate for the proper management of the company that has enhanced the performance of the firm. Moreover, your firm is perhaps one of the best in the nation for the passion you have for the society. However, based on what I studied in the university, it was my simple idea to work in the next company to enable me strengthens what I had learned in school. Perhaps, this will allow me to enjoy and grow in terms or rather in line with the career I took at the University.

However, I would like to request for part-time work at your company probably during the weekends to assist the company in what am currently doing for the enterprise. I believe if my application is guaranteed, it will help me in working well with my time and also I will be able to handle some jobs that are currently doing for the company. Additionally, am in great confident that I will manage and perhaps deliver my services to the two companies if you allow me. Consequently, I have submitted a copy of my leaving letter and in case you have something to ask or advice is available and willing for everything. Thanks and I will be waiting for your response.

Best regards,



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