Gender Roles in the Military

Gender Roles in the Military






The main aim of the project is to observe how gender plays a role in the military workplace. Therefore the project will seek to answer the questions like, how effective is it when the military personnel’s are grouped in the pair during work? The project will also strive to find out the effectiveness of having the same sex groups and how they interact with each other at a workplace. To determine the kind of body language that exists when the people work together when paired in the same sex and when paired in different sex (Bradley, 2007). Moreover, the investigation will take place even during lunch hours to find out how they behave while eating and if the pairing that might exist between them might affect the workforce or encourage them to work. The primary objective of the project will be to find out what performance can two opposite sex achieve when they are working together and also the performance that the other pairing can achieve when working together. Therefore, the observation will be conducted on those bases to get the right reaction of the military based on the facts. This will assist to make some implementation.

The observation site

The main places where I will perform my investigation and observation is the military where both genders have the ability to interact freely and have the same performance in the workplace. I used the various sampling methods like face to face dialogue with the military to ensure that first-hand information. I also interviewed the managers to get the sampling result to ensure there is simplicity. Besides that, I also used secret cameras to take video coverage and gather the essential information. The military site was perhaps the best place where I managed collecting information about the role of gender in the military workplace (Bradley, 2007). 


The gender diversity has captured the attention of many people in the society recently especially on the favor of women. Therefore, it is imperative to note that the dimension of workplace diversity includes the following but not limited to ethnicity, gender, physical abilities and experience, military and workplace experience. The reality and truth pervade all the organizations regardless of their nature. Hence in the light of the change like the contemporary workforce, the concept of gender role diversity and equality will be discussed visa-a-vise the reality of women in the military workplace. As such, the research will address the questions presented in the abstract based on the goals that ought to be done to achieve the expectations. Perhaps we may find out whether the questions asked opens opportunities or possibilities for the women or the men in the military workplace (Bradley, 2007).


I discovered that most of the women in the military workplace are drawn towards the duties that involve caring of people, especially in the health departments. Moreover, during lunch time the women would take their time to serve the others and then eat later. The kind of behavior is only possible in the women and not in any other gender globally. I also observed that though some of the women who were in some higher positions than some of the men in the workplace would still respect the people below them and would highly esteem them. Moreover, their voices were soft while they are conversing with the others during giving orders and even during other times in the sessions (Bradley, 2007). The men, on the other hand, talked with deep and rough voice and behaved as always in authority even though he is just a member with no title in the military. Consequently, I also observed a good work being performed when the man and a woman are paired to work together. The men paired together to function properly since in that kind of the combination there is no application of jokes or playing.


After the sampling of the information, I found out that when the different sex is paired that is the man and the woman in the military, the work goes well and perfect. The other observation I made is that the women in the military departments are still not trusted with some critical missions that require the ability to use the wits and strength. This is because the society especially in the workplace views women as weak and vulnerable and hence needs to be in the company of a man for anything to happen. One of the sociologies Raewyn Connell emphasized that the social powers held by men create and sustains gender inequality. The military departments were treated to be a men affair and not women’s (Bradley, 2007).

However, despite the negligence, they are still recognized in the society to take part in the vision that men have; they are significant in the vision making process and hence essential to the society (Bradley, 2007). I also observed during lunchtime, they eat in groups, and I found that one lady perhaps was able to fit in a large group of various men and would just go along very well with them. The role of the women in the society is perhaps to make the men happy, and that is why they make peace. The women were mostly found in the kitchen and in serving places in the military, and that is where the society has set them to fit and be controlled by those departments. The women according to Zeigler are meant to submit to the authority of a man.

I found out that most of the men in the high positions in the military tend to have the attitude that women cannot handle serious staffs that needs strength and the use of power. For example, missions that would take longer days and in dangerous places, the majority of the people to go for the mission will be mainly the men and not the ladies. The women are therefore left to handle most of the office work like making up calls and taking care of the soldiers who have some injuries. The whole issue is because the women since time have been known to handle light duties in the society as opposed to the modern society where the women want to do what men do, and they are convicted to stand firm. The gender blur in the military has been brought about by the concept from the sociologies existing in the society magnifying the fact that the sex identities and variables are the social constructs that maintain the order in the society. Most of them say that if women would shift to the duties of men, then a gap would perhaps exist with no one to fill (Bradley, 2007).


Bradley, L. (2007). Leadership and Women: Should We Be Leading ‘Like a Manor Adopting Women’s Ways?. IN THE CANADIAN FORCES, 139.