The Power of Human Relation

The Power of Human Relation





Cultural Intelligence

The CQ just like emotional intelligence and the others have a greater contribution to the life of many people in the society. Julie in his speech accepts the importance of the cultural knowledge that people should adopt and live with. She recalls of her father traveling all over the world and sometimes would say that ‘’ I wish the world would grow small’’. According to her, It is dead to just travel all over the world without understanding what your purpose in the trip is all about and it’s important to comprehend the cultures around you and the people that interact with you. Most probably, the cultural intelligence is about having diverse knowledge about other cultures and ability to accept and understand their beliefs. It is apparent that different communities have their way of doing things which are very different from us, but we should adopt in any place, and that is all about cultural intelligence.

She says that cultural intelligence is made up of two aspects and that is the core and the flex. The core is about the values, beliefs, and way of life of people while the flex is the ability to cope up with the different cores that different people in diverse society have, in other words, is all about being flexible. Moreover, she says that flex is about what you put on or perhaps the clothes that don’t define your personality and cannot interfere with your ability to pass the intended message. Therefore, it is important for the leaders to understand and have the skills of cultural intelligence to make them cope up with different people in various cultural groups.

How body language and micro expression predict success

A body language is an essential form of communication that people should learn since it has the power to let you know the attitude of the other person which sometimes they may fail to speak. The presentation by both Kasia and Patryk explains that through the reading of the body language they were able to determine who will win the election. For example, they could gather some people and interview them, and some would show disgust through their facial expression by raising the side of their mouth a bit higher to show discontent.

The aspects are very much important especially for the leaders to determine their success in whatever area since the technique will aid them to understand how to treat people. It is also important to them because it makes them convey the message home to the public in case of a speech and the audience ability to flow with the speaker. The leaders have the power to spot the micro expression from people and give them the power to know what to say and at what time to speak them. The leaders also have the skills to empower with their body language code since they can distinguish and use the right body language at the right time and to what people since emotions control our actions in life. Successful leaders also have the power to elicit our body language code, and this gives them the ability to understand people and have control over them. All these aspects and the others make leaders in most organizations like sales and marketing to succeed and move through the rhythm of life easily since they have the power to understand the feelings of other people.