I have learned that as the world is changing and developing, the students to administration conflict was

WK3 – 504 – Assignment





Lesson learned

I have learned that as the world is changing and developing, the students to administration conflict was becoming more advanced and therefore the need to develop the student affairs techniques. Therefore, the student affairs must arise to cut through the evolving challenges in the institutions and perhaps think widely on the matters that can push forward the society to the next level. I have learned that with a good and efficient student affairs department in institution learning will be at its peak due to the good relationship and the availability of the support system. Moreover, I managed to grasp on the values of the student affairs which are; upholding social justice, focus on student’s welfare and also playing the educative role to the people in the community. I have also learned about civility and the ethical values and principle of the student affairs based on what to do with the students (Schuh, Jones & Torres, 2016).

The week three lectures were based on the student affairs practice, and here I learned more about the various theories and its importance. The psychosocial approach provides information on the issues and the concern facing the college student. These create awareness to the student affairs professional on what to tackle to save the situation. I also learned that powerful transformative learning in set up by the educational experiences of the lectures (Wells, 2015). Moreover, I grasped the elements to understand the students which include the creation of tools that can promote learning, understanding the steps of the students and understanding the problems they are going through on the campus. On the book, I learned various development theories for the student affairs profession. One of them is the resource theory that states learning is directly proportional to the resource available on the campus that can support learning activity.


Based on the information that I have learned as a student affairs professional, am sure that society and the student will be glad about my operation. Therefore, as an employee of the institution, I will ensure that I have learned all the problems affecting the students and the administration as well by listening to both sides that are in the case of a crisis. Moreover, based on the theories and the recommendation status of the student affairs, I will ensure that learning is done in the comfort of the students so that learning is promoted and retention capabilities for the sake of institution are achieved.


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