Importance of family Knowledge in nursing practice

Importance of family Knowledge in nursing practice





Family norms

The knowledge and understanding of family ways of life and norms are prevalent in determining the health issue. Different families have the different lifestyle based on the diet that they regularly take and sometimes there could be an existence of the family disease that is linear. In the United States, the black families are prone to make fast foods that could result in obesity issues that are attributed to the diet they take (Wright & Leahey, 2012). Therefore, the African America families will a prevailing condition regarding gaining weight that could lead to obesity. Despite that, some families have a particular history with a given situation that has always affected them, and therefore it has become a pattern. Therefore, learning and understanding the information about families especially the health issue may be complicated but very responsive regarding handling some prevailing conditions in the health care.

The analysis of the Family issue is an effective method that can be used to establish a health problem and perhaps a way forward in conducting a public health in different areas. For example in the areas where the African American stays, it’s possible to do health awareness on unhealthy eating habits in the society and to give directions on the ingrained habits that are effective. On the other hand, after understanding my patients family history may be in the case of breast cancer, I will get advice swiftly that all the family members to be screened for such and pre-medication can be taken to control the effect that might be drastic in the long-run. Therefore, the family understands and analysis of their cultures wills my practice effective (Wright & Leahey, 2012).


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