Interview a member in the community

Interview a member in the community






Birds of the same feather flocks together, this saying is applied when people especially young people are considered to have joined a bad company, I interviewed one of the youth to prove this. High levels of privacy and confidentiality were vital as to make sure that his reputation is governed thus I assigned a pseudonym for the interviewee be Sebastian. The following conversation took place;

Johnson: How was it to be stereotyped?

Sebastian: The feeling was so annoying because parents would warn their teens not to be spotted anywhere with me, I felt so lonely, but drugs would console me.

Johnson: what were your characters like, that made people shy away from you?

Sebastian: At the age of 13 I used to abuse drugs like marijuana, I had friends with whom we would go smoking after school; we used not to have enough as we needed more cash this desperation made us begin stealing money from our parents to cater for our needs. This went on until I was 20 years I was taken to a rehabilitation center where I learned to survive without drugs.

From the interview, it was clear that the pursuit of equality entails the pursuit of objectives for persons that experience inequality (Ramlow, 2003). They are denied the right to decision making, recognition, and status in the society among others. These restrictions made him loose self-esteem live in self-denial, and loose opportunities. Therefore, he used those inconveniences against anyone that would cross his path, for instance, he would pick a fight if he was denied access to resources either public or private as he saw everybody as an enemy.

After being discharged from the rehabilitation, Sebastian learned that drugs neither add value to life nor gives extraordinary strength as he perceived it before. Therefore as a youth at 23 he decided to abstain and say no to an adult he formed a group that spread the awareness of the dangers of abusing drugs in collaboration with other organizations, this has connected him to the outside countries (Ramlow, 2003). 


Ramlow, T. R. (2003). Bad Boys: Abstractions of Difference and the Politics of Youth” Deviance.” GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 9(1), 107-132.