Learning Public speaking

Learning Public speaking






Opportunities can be lost or gained based on the quality of the presentation given. Communication is important as it forms the necessary part of relaying information. Public speaking is an example of expressing an idea from one party to the other through word of mouth; it involves all verbal and nonverbal behaviors such as gestures mimicry. And therefore all these have to be in line with the words spoken for it to resonate with the audience this means that at the end of the speech everyone will have understood what the talk was all about.

The topic, thesis and the purpose

The topic is how to make an effective presentation. The video describes the various ways to ensure that an excellent presentation is done through the formulation of various steps to avoid making sure it’s effective. Therefore, the purpose of the presentation is to describe the facts learned through the video schemes about the public speaking. In most case, people have gone through unwanted experience due to the pressure that comes with the speaking in public. The video begins with an organized presenter who seems even to read his name from his short notes. Moreover, the presentation will involve the proper management of various problems that hinder good .The most common events for the failure include;

a)    Lack of confidence

b)    Communication apprehension

c)    Previous failure experience

d)    Inadequate preparation

e)    Lack of information or facts to carry out the speech

The management of stage freight or communication apprehension

The most influential factor is the fear in front of the public that would make the audience loses trust and confidence. Management includes;

a)    Having the right information based on the topic, most of the presenters in the video lacked the essential preparation through adequate research on the themes.

b)    Believing in you through performing the private practice. The first presenter as the video clicks had no confidence and didn’t have the facts at the finger prints.

c)    Having the knowledge of the audience will also improve the confidence and makes the difference in levels of information valid and hence creating a dependence of audience that will attract the concentration.

Short essay

The learning of the presentation skills is much important in the situation that you need to make a presentation. An effective performance depends on adequate preparation and confidence that originates from the inside that would generate much power even through the effective pronunciation of words and punch. According to the video, most of the presenters get the pressure of presentation and would sometimes seek for the ways to avoid proceeding with the module. However, the most opposing factor is the diminishing excitement that gets replaced with the anxiety of what to tell the audience. The video outlines information about the source of stage freight that would influence the public speech. This is brought about by lack of information and facts to give to the audience during the actual presentation. The video brings about a presenter who lacked what to tell the audience in a classroom setting and the students realized the failure and responded through a great laughter.

Therefore, to effectively manage stage fright or communication apprehension it necessary to have a clear self-realization that would boost the confidence level. Most of the failures come from the first presentation and the appearance of the place of performance. Therefore, the information about the audience is very much necessary for controlling the state fright that comes in the first phase of the information. The learning of the audience will enable the right information about the topic you need to present like in this case is about the learning the effectiveness of the presentation skills that are essential for good delivery. Therefore, the management of people is to allow for the flow of information and ideas of the audience even as they listen to the facts that you have for them at that time.

Designing a good frame work for the presentation will save a great deal in making the right excellent performance work. This will include having the topic on time and then have to research on the theme to get familiar with the information that would be used for the presentation. Moreover, through this process, the presenter will grasp more of the information and he or she will be ahead of the audience and hence boosting the confidence. The power of knowledge will take control of the whole situation based on the difference in levels of the audience will tend to concentrate and listen to you more. Additionally, putting the rights information through short notes just to act as a reminder of those days in the case you forget some important points that must be addressed. However, the written material or short notes are not to fully rely on but to acts as the reminder. Most of the presenters make the mistake of reading the materials in front of the people, and this removes the element of trust.