Similarities between Stalin and Hitler

Similarities between Stalin and Hitler






Hitler and Stalin are two notorious individuals who played the significant role in the world war two. They were both born in the nations where they rose to power and took the leadership mantle. They both used the destabilization method to take them to the intended power as they saw themselves as figures of a very historic canvas of their nations. Moreover, they both believed in the notion of their terms because they were able to influence the ideas of other men and shape their political ambitions through a massive of authority that they build upon themselves. When we flashback to their past, they both had a very tough and miserable childhood life as their fathers were very abusive and could cane them without mercy. And perhaps this could be one reason why they were both hard with others in their respective leadership (Snyder, 2012).

The Holocaust was genocide the six million European Jews were murdered by Hitler. Therefore, the constant killing of the Jews in the Eastern Europe made the Jews army to gang up for the fight against the Nazi regime of the Germany (Longerich, 2010). Therefore, a part of the Holocaust, and clearing the Jewish comps, he also went for the political opponents like the gypsy, the gay and disabled people in the society, the religious objectors like the Jehovah witnesses and the people standing for the Bolshevik race among others. The Wannsee conference of the 20th January 1942 which brought together some groups such as 15 members of the Nazi to discuss the plans of the comprehensive murder of the Jewish community in Europe was intended to be the final solution.


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