The Tragedy of the Uncommon

The Tragedy of the Uncommon





The earth’s Atmosphere

This is a resource that everyone in the universe uses and at the same time abuses. The air pollution from the universe and the greenhouses gases from the various industries from all over the planets. Therefore, as an example of the tragedy of the commons the atmosphere tries to give a solution to the problem. For instance, the international agreements have realized the need of taking care of the environment to control the emerging issues and concerns. For example, the Kyoto Protocol, that tried to bring the United Nations together in reducing the greenhouses gases. All the problems like the above are caused by the selfish people in the society according to Adam and Garret owning the industries and releasing the waste gases to the atmosphere that interns affect the environment for everyone (Shackelford, 2009).

Personal attitude

It is obvious based on the above tragedy of the common. The environment is affected significantly by the small number of people in the society who thinks they own the entire universe. They pollute the environment through their extensive economic activities releasing greenhouses gases that cause the entire pollution. The objectives are influenced by some individuals while the effects are coming to the entire universe. Perhaps, it’s vivid that we are living in a corrupt society and that does not think of tomorrow and the effects that their action would cause to the entire generation. I believe that the government and the people of the United Nations should create policies to protect such as actions that are done by the individuals which in return affects the entire population. I believe that such exception should not exist in the society (Shackelford, 2009).


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