American Exceptionalism – Race relations in America

American Exceptionalism – Race relations in America





American exceptionalism

The issue of slaver and Racism in the states has brought arguments on their exceptionalism. Based on the past slavery and racism history in the United States of America, the statement that states America is like a salad where people don’t change who they are, but they get mixed in with others who keep their cultural heritage.  Therefore, the best way for the America to contribute to the idea of the American exceptionalism and move beyond slavery and racism is by moving to the way of understanding that all men are equal and we have one creator. The other way is the one for independence to give each one a reason to live a free life (Gingrich, 2011).

The enslavement and racism factors among the African- American brought a lot of frustration among different families hence ranking the United States to be like other nations with much influence on slavery.  The hatred of America based on the slavery factor increased the tension factor from other nation. However, based on the exceptionalism according to Newt that what makes America different from other nation is the fact that they have understood and declared the state of independence. However, it sounds ridicules according to history that United States id different from other nations and yet there were elements of slavery and racism. According to the article that was written by slavery, the blacks suffered much at the hands of the whites during that period until a burn through the united nations for the stop of the slave trade. Therefore, the reason for American exceptionalism was perhaps invalid at that time in history (Gingrich, 2011).

The current United States of America is different from the one in the early 19th century through the issue of race factor and slavery. The claim of America exceptionalism is valid in the current state than before. The nation has understood the element that all men are equal and have one God. Therefore, nobody is the superior either white man or black man all have the same and one creator. This media reduced the racism factor, and today the United States is one of the countries worldwide with diverse cultures and race. The African American in the state, as well as the Asians, can now obtain citizenship and own property due to the good relation that came through independence. The United States realized this when other nations were struggling to understand and create a virtue of freedom (Lockhart, 2003).

 According to the Bible, all men were created by one creator and have the same life to live just like any other person in the society. Racism is described as the act of being self-centered and selfish thinking that you are superior to the other person. For example, the white thought that they are superior to the blacks. Racism is seen as selfishness and ignoring the will of God who created all to be equal and not to be divided by opinion, color, and other roles.  It is also articulated to be in the aspect of showing favoritism on one own cultural beliefs and lifestyle while on the other hand degrading the values of others based on their perspective. Therefore, according to the Bible, Racism is a sin and is seen as evil in the sight of God. The absence of respect for another human is disrespect to the creator himself.


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