Continuous liquid interface production of 3D objects

Continuous liquid interface production of 3D objects






Additive manufacturing is among the widely used techniques in 3D printing, tissue engineering, the materials for energy and the low-density high strength materials. The new additive manufacturing such as fused deposition modeling and others depends on the layer by layer printing methods. The viability of the production process depends on the speed of the printing which should to the order of the magnitude and at the same time increasing the accuracy of the process.  Despite the aspect of oxygen inhibition factor of the free radical polymerization which is the widely known obstacle to the polymerization process, but it can also be used in the enabling a simpler and quick stereography.  Moreover, oxygen inhibition results to incomplete cure and surface tackiness whenever the process of polymerization is performed in the air which leads to an oxygen dead zone (Tumbleston, Shirvanyants, Ermoshkin, Anuszkiewicz, Johnson, Kelly & Samulski, 2015).

The formation of the oxygen inhibition dead zone is essential to the clipping process of the 3D nature which applies the amorphous fluoropolymer window. These depend on the oxygen permeability ratio, ultraviolet transparency, and the chemical inertness. Therefore, the oxygen permeability and inertness importance are shown using the differential thickness techniques based on the dead zone measurement of thickness (Tumbleston, Shirvanyants, Ermoshkin, Anuszkiewicz, Johnson, Kelly & Samulski, 2015). Moreover, the dead zone thickness becomes thinner with an increase in the incident photon flux. The dead zone disappears and goes when the nitrogen is used below the window in the case system. If oxygen is present under the window, then a continuous leading to the unsuitable dead zone that hinders the ongoing process while when the oxygen layer becomes a diminishing factor, then the continuous process will be achieved through the 3D printing process.


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