Creating a national unity

Creating a national unity





America during the 19th century

During the first half of the 19th century, several things happened that assisted in describing the people of United States of America. The first quality was the democratic values as they fort to make sure that anti-Americanism and slave trade is abolished in the entire world through the influence of the united nation conferences. The second value is the level of creativity and adoption for change that made them transform from agricultural means to industrial sectors during the 19th century. Moreover, the third is the value of being materialistic as recorded by a Germany Scholar through a poet who went to investigate why people were moving into the United States of America and yet they had nothing. He described the people to be selfish and inconsiderate by taking many skilled individuals in the various field with the name of freedom to work for them for their interest (Dahl, 2005).

During the second half of the 19th century, the democracy value spread and come true to the fall of the Soviet and its empire, the saving of people from communism, the end of the cold war and the spread of democracy to the Eastern Europe (Dahl, 2005). The medium assisted in the creation of an efficient working environment for the economic development of the United States. The Soviet empire and the communist could not allow for democracy which is the sole reason for any development in any nation. The United States during this period started receiving many immigrants from all over the world who came with various skills and knowledge of performing some developmental events like the industrial sectors. Therefore, the values brought a positive change to the United States transformation during the 19th century.


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