Inmates living in prison and officers working in prison

Inmates living in prison and officers working in prison






There have been a lot of discussions on the state of prisons by the inmates who have finished their days and the police officers. Some have described the place to be another hell on earth where a lot of evil and immoral event occurs. However, what the inmates go through in prison might be the same or different with what the police officers go through in the same location. The rate at which the individual inmates feel the evil of other is perhaps distinct from the way the officers might encounter because they don’t meet randomly as the other prisoners do. The inmates are living in the enclosure while the prison officers have freedom even though they have to gourd the gates for 24 hours daily. Therefore, the paper will give the comparison of what the prison officers and the inmates experience in jail grounds.


Working and staying in prison is very dangerous for both the prisoners and police. Both the inmates and the prison officer live in the same environment known as the prisons. They both lack the full freedom for performing their will or what they want. The inmates have deprived their liberty of movement of one place to another especially away from the prison unless under the instruction for duty. The same is the police officer on duty is deprived to move unless a shift term has reached to maintain a high security for the inmates. They are both get instruction and have the policy that guides their operations in the prison environment. The inmates are instructed to be loyal and perform all that will be required until the end of the term. On the same note, a police officer on duty is bound to gourd the gates until the end of the shift.  Both the inmates and prison officer can experience fights from the rowdy prisoners in jail. All of them are prone to arguments, for example, the prisoners can fight the other individual, and at the same time, an inmate can fight a police officer (Murray, Janson & Farrington, 2007).


The inmate’s freedom is limited by time and space while the police officer freedom is unlimited. The inmates are not allowed to move around unless they have instructed by the officer on duty for occasions like lunch break, standard time or visitations (Murray, Janson & Farrington, 2007).  On the other hand, the police have the freedom to move from one place to another without any restrictions or limits. Moreover, the inmates spend in some congested areas with the absence of favorable environment while the police have better housing and rooms for their operations. The human rights protection said that the conditions of the places where the inmates stay should be made conducive and habitable. These were due to the fact of sharing to prevent the cases of rape and also cleanliness to prevent the issues of health. Despite that, the police have better housing that is well furnished.

The inmates have no privacy while in the cells while the police officer guarding the inmates has some privacy issues. According to the laws of the state, the inmate is not allowed to carry things to the cells, and the visitation should be done I the presence of a police guard around.  They are also not allowed to use gadgets like the phones unless under supervision by a police officer.  On the other hand, the police guard has the rights to do whatever he or she wants in prison. They have the freedom to use various gadgets like the phones and other machines without any questioning.  The police officer can also leave the prison with minimal restriction from the general officer (Murray, Janson & Farrington, 2007).

The police officers are armed and have guns to protect themselves in the case of erupted fights in the prison while the inmates are not allowed to have any weapon with them. Due to this, the inmates have been left without defense in the case where the other starts a fight. Most of the fights among the inmates themselves have led to serious injuries and deaths from the rowdy individuals. Moreover, in the case of fights the one between the police and the prisoners, it’s the inmates who suffer more because the police use the guns and other weapons for defense and attack (Murray, Janson & Farrington, 2007).


Life in the cells and working in the same environment is one of the dangerous areas. There have been cases of rape, and both the police and the individual mates suffer the risks. There has been a report of the rape cases, and both the police and the inmates have happened to be victims of circumstances. However, the case of police being assaulted is few as compared to the number of prisoners going through the same.  This medium is due to the way the prisons are operated and conducted. It has been declared to be a place to of the survival of the fittest.  Therefore, these variations have placed the weak inmates to suffer in the hands of the others.


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