Language and Nationalism

Language and Nationalism





Nationalism and language

Nationalism is a patriotic feeling that is demonstrated through loyalty and devotion to a nation. The language has the power to influence the spirit of patriotism through individuals who live in the country. The Arabic language that we share and use as the citizens in Qatar acts as unifying factors for all people even from diverse backgrounds. The Arabic language has made me love our nation that has enhanced my dedicated role to serve our country. The language has been used in various aspects such as in the writing of the newspapers and books hence making people to love their nation more and more. The symbol of our nation and unity is the Arabic language that we use as the national language despite other languages such as English around. The Arabic language has been our identity as the people of Qatar, and this has made me feel proud of our nation. I believe that the nationalism of most individual in the society has been boasted through the standard Arabic language that we share and hence unify us ever since our nation was built. The language has been used in various media houses and institutions which indicates the strength of the people of Qatar.

Sapir-Whorf hypothesis

The hypothesis states that there are particular thoughts of an individual in one language that cannot be understood by other people living in different language. Moreover, it indicates that the way people think is greatly influenced by their original or mother tongue (Perlovsky, 2009). I believe in the hypothesis to some extent because I was also influenced by the Arabic language. For example, in Qatar Keeping virginity is stressed in the Arabic language as the purity and hence this makes people think and act differently on the matter. I always have thought that our nation is the best and great since that is what I was taught through the same language. The native language has the power to influence how you think about issues, for example, if your native language is used internationally, and then your thoughts are perhaps to be shaped by a global mind and reasoning. On the other hand, the when the language is used locally then the individual thoughts may also be localized and essential. Moreover, I believe that a person will think more intelligently about something such as a mountain when the language has some strong words in consideration to the mountain that allows for more analysis.

The official language laws

I think there should be an official language in Qatar as a national symbol of unity that is used by all citizens. In some areas, people have been using diverse languages and hence creating a disconnection in the communication from the individual who does not understand the language. Therefore, the laws that should be passed by the government and the official should include. The Arabic language should be taught in all the sciences and languages. All the ministries, official organizations such as the media and the public universities should be made to use the Arabic language in the entire communication regularly.  Moreover, the law should burn the use of native languages from the small tribes that would trigger lack of nationalism in the life of the people. The law should insist on bringing up all the children in the Arabic language.


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