Leadership through Control

Leadership through Control


If a department after setting the plans, they don’t anticipate on how the control system should work to ensure the flow of work. The department will be bound to take a lot of time than the intended one to perform its task, use a lot of resources and perform poorly. Therefore, looking forward is essential to the organization’s performance. The monitoring tools that can be employed are the checklist to check the attendance of the workers, the surveillance systems, and quality and quantity control machines for analysis of performance.

The tangible and un-tangible standards are both commonly used terms in the business world. The tangible standards are the ones that refer to physical assets that are available and perhaps can be touched. In the firm terms, it refers to assets like the vehicles, furniture, and others. On the other hand, un-tangible standards apply to the items that can be detected by the human senses. In business, there are assets that are vital but cannot be seen or touched. These are the goodwill, patents and copyrights, the rights and the closing costs (Fitzgerald & Schutte, 2010). The performance matrix for tangible and un-tangible standards is diverse based on the nature of the assets used in the department to achieve the set goal. The quality measurement is a performance matrix that measures the tangible assets in the firm. Its role is to find out the quality of the raw material and also the finished goods after the production. On the other hand, the economic value added and the activity based earnings among other matrix are used to measure the performance of the un-intangible standards of the company. The process fits through the control process shown by ensuring that the resources that are utilized in the execution of the plans are well used to make the production that is efficient and to the standard that is expected for consumer safety. The costs of the production are also controlled to prevent overspending.

The exception principle is a method or a plan of supervision in which the substantial deviation from the norm or results are only brought to the attention of the supervisor for decision-making and consideration (Fitzgerald & Schutte, 2010). Therefore, given a chance to make a review on the high rate of hospital-acquired infections I will propose the use of the screening of equipment after use with a recommended sterilizer to control the infection. Moreover, I will recommend for patients with transferable infections are separated from the others before on the course of treatment. Additionally, in the case of the outbreak of infection, the health providers are supposed to wear protective attires for safety and the risk of spread.

The master budgeting expresses a projection on how the management tends to perform all aspects of business through the entire fiscal year. The operational budgeting covers all the expenses and revenues that are used on a day to day work of the department such as purchasing of health record books in the healthcare. The financial budget explains on how the business receives and spends the money based on the corporate scale. The budget system in an organization is essential for ensuring a financial discipline outline on the firm. The absence of the budget systems renders the business the ticket to fail. The health agencies need to prepare a budget to plan on making payment and also in the determination of the cost of health care for patients. As the supervisor in the organization, I will plan for the operational budgeting because it will allow the department to have the daily finances for any operation that might come unexpectedly on the way. For example in the case of ambulance use, the department must be prepared for the fuel cost and also curter for the stuff food during distance operations that are outside the organization (Fitzgerald & Schutte, 2010).


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