Omega University

Yolanda disco wk. 4





Omega University

The omega university is facing access to the urban center problem that will eventually attract various students to enroll due to the favorable environment that is often found near towns (Barr & McClellan, 2011). However, this could not make the university to relocate the nearby town for access, but it can develop attraction features and benefits through the online advertisement. The budget cuts in the institution are thus necessary and can be achieved through a good conversation with the staff based on the situation of the school. Therefore, I would suggest that the salaries of the staff to be reduced and even decrease the number of lectures serving in the campus to cut down the monthly budget that can be used to make some beautiful transformation to attract the students. I would also cut some recreating and allowances from the staff that is not perhaps necessary such as the sitting allowances to build the school to make more attractive for learning. The university would want a high turnout of students which is perhaps challenging due to the location of the school.

The cuts on the salary and allowances are challenging and the potential threat to the university.  Some of the staff will not understand the problem and the mission that campus is having that will attract more students to enroll.  Most of the staff would fill neglected and not motivated that could again interfere with the current learning activities going on in the school. The omega university staff could end up in the strike for reducing the salary and the allowances. Moreover, the school could be spending money and deducting allowances, and the student fails to turn up in numbers as expected hence a failed project (Barr & McClellan, 2011).


Barr, M. J., & McClellan, G. S. (2011). Budgets and financial management in higher education (2nd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.