Publicly-traded Hospitality Company

Publicly-traded Hospitality Company





Hilton Garden Inn

The inn has various activities of serving the clients with good foods and warm welcome from the staff. Moreover, apart from the warm reception from the Inn, there have been some services and activities with the intention of bringing back to the society.  The team members at Hilton inn have been encouraged to serve the community through bringing back to the society initiative which demonstrates the company mission of ‘’ filling the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.’’ These have been achieved through collaboration with other partners focused on the right to the people. The inn completed global soap project (Bader, 2005).

 The project based on the donation of the soap took place from the collaboration with other business stakeholders to assist the needy in the society. The project donated more than 30,000 pounds of the unused soap that was distributed to the 28 nations in need. The project aim was to reach out to its obligation of bringing back to the society by whatever means and manner that is responsive and can assist all the same (Bader, 2005). The target groups are the needy people and nations such as in Africa where a little assistance of soap distribution is very much essential to such community.

The project of distributing the soap and other substances to the community is a moral responsibility that is expected from every action. The role of the project is not to gain goodwill but rather to spend back to the society that has provided the market for the Inn. The responsibility of the Inn is to make sure that they pay to the society as an act of appreciation or thanks for the support and the provision of the market to the people (Bader, 2005).

The mission of Hilton Garden Inn is to be the friendliest company in the global world- through the creation of the heartfelt experience for the Guests. Moreover, the Meaningful opportunities for the members, the high values for the owners and a positive impact on the society (Bader, 2005).  The company provides excellence of services for the people, and also bringing back to the society through donations and supporting services that are given to other nations which may need busy. These ensure that the community benefits from the company. These are purposely done for the community and countries who might need the assistance.

The vision of Hilton Garden Inn is to fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality through delivering of the exceptional services and roles to every hotel, every guest and at all time (Bader, 2005). The Hotel exists to bring light that is perhaps essential to the aspect of hospitality in the services to the every individual client who comes to the Inn. The services are not limited to time but occur through the entire period of experience.

The core values of Hilton garden company are hospitality, integrity, leadership, teamwork, ownership and now.  The company tends to achieve and show the values through the experiences with the clients. They provide the services through a cohesive teamwork of the staff, good and warm welcoming of the people, the provision of the services are not postponed, but the actions continue with the services and moreover, hospitality through giving back to the society through provision of the soap (Bader, 2005).


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