Television is a force of good in American Society in 2017

Television is a force of good in American Society in 2017






In the recent times, Television has become one of the United States debates over whether it’s right or bad. However, based on that the goodness of Television has been seen that the essential parts that are perceived by others in the society.  In the American society, today Television is used as a source of learning having educational programs that teach your and the old. Moreover, it is a source of entertainment for both parties in the society through updates and various movie programs that are essential for daily involvement. Therefore, Television is a force of good in American Society in 2017 due to some reasons that have been declared by the individual citizens and the researchers on the issue for clarity.

Television is a good force in the society because it entertains all the age groups in the American society.  In the program today we see various documents for the young children such as the cartons and various movies depicted for entertaining the young in the community. In most situations, you will find children watching at some speculated times due to the programs. On the other hand, some movies are shown for the adult’s entertainment at given the date of day. According to Andrejevic article, ‘’ Television programs have a pilgrim on entertaining the society ’’ These indicate that there are always best moments along the programs on the Television. Sometimes it feels nice to get updates of the country while just resting in the house. It is fun having all the news at reach at all times.

Television is a good force in today’s society because it is a source of learning moments.  The Television anchors have always brought various programs such on family issue and debates that groove as a learning project for the society on the ways of solving family disputes in good amicable ways. On the other hand, there have been programs educating the society on good morals such as the effects of taking drugs in the health and social setup of the individual. These moral lessons are brought in ways that the affected may not understand but touches on the ways of living a good life in the society. According to Glick and Levy ‘’ Television has been used in depth interviews and similar procedures to learn the meaning. Therefore, I agree with the article on the interviews that have been conducted on the Television to be the source of learning in the society.


Television has been a center of debates on its goodness and also the grave part of the programs. However, the good aspect has been felt more than the bad side due to what it does for the society than during the days of its absence. Moreover, it has been a center for updates and communication to the public on what is happening in the government through various interviews of politicians. The happening of globe through business news and other programs have always updated the society on the occurrences outside the states. Additionally, through Television people have always come to know of famine and other tragedy that has taken place in some areas. Therefore, Television is a force for good in the American society, and that is why many people have it in their houses.


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