The advantages and disadvantages of using APA format

The advantages and disadvantages of using APA format





APA format

The American psychological association (APA) is one of the writing formats that are widely utilized in the universe. It has various pros and cons of its use by the students and other writers.  The advantages of the format are its ability to give order and structure in the paper and hence making the paper more formal and professional. It also gives the paper credibility as compared to other formats since most of the readers especially the ones in the science field like to read the articles that are written in this format. Therefore, it would market the paper of the writer. Moreover, the paper can provide all the guidance that is necessary and in details that would allow no room for the writer to wonder on what to add. This includes the spacing instructions, the page numbers, page numbers and others are stated (Szuchman & Thomlison, 2010).

On the other hand, the format has various cons in its application in the writing industry. Due to this, the learners who are new to the use of the style would find it difficult to adopt and use. Therefore, to further my knowledge in APA format, I plan to read all the necessary detailed instructions about the paper. I also plan to compare it with other formats to make clear distinctions between the styles and also do a lot of writing using the format (Lunsford, Matsuda & Tardy, 2010).


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